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Hi everyone,


I've found several plastic or metal pathtags / geotags that cachers have left in caches they have found. Is it OK to take these, or are they intended as a "thank you" for the cache setter? I'd love to make a collection of these - it's great fun to find tags left by fellow UK cachers who I have heard of via this forum - but wouldn't want to take them if they aren't meant to be taken.


I'm also thinking of having some personal pathtags made (metal ones from pathtags.com) - does anyone in the UK collect these? I found a "Graham & Sue" pathtag in a cache near my home and really admire it.




Toni xx

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I picked one up at an event cache recently as it said it could be tracked on the tag. I met the owner later that day, who told be his tag couldn't be tracked (though some can) and it was left as a calling card, though he didn't mind me taking it. So I guess it depends on the tag.

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We ordered some for ourselves and Horrid Henry before Christmas when they were on special offer from www.pathtags.com. I think they have offers on the starter kits every now and again and they're really handy for leaving as swap items at caches.


If you've bought some then you can trade on-line and build up a collection with other owners. We'd love to trade with anyone else around. Our tag numbers are # 5154 and 5208 (Horrid Henry's tag).

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I used to leave geotags (from www.geotags.co.uk) but I've run out and I don't think they are available any more. It's a shame as they were relatively cheap and lovely little things.


I didn't mind who picked them up, but I would be very pleased if any Jantaculum geotags had found their way into collections.

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