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Still a Premium Member


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I went for a trial run of being a premium member, but I decided to quit. Here in the forums I am still displayed as a premium member though, and I can see the off topic forum. I did click the link to come here on GC.com, and I'm wondering why I still am.

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Sush! :)

That's not what you are.

That's a name of a group that you are a member of.

Not really sure of the meaning behind 'Group' here.


I stopped being a Premium Member a few weeks ago, and previously for 3 months, and was still listed in the forums as Group: Premium Members.

What does happen is that if you 'changed' the name of the group you are in (a premium member feature) that will drop off when you downgrade. But it drops off to 'Premium Members' not what one would think it should drop to.

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