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Geocachingdragon 2007 coin now being made


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<_< Well I thought it was about time i Finally showed off the new coin. I was waiting to see how they turned out now i have the pictures cant wait for the coins. This is going to be a big coin 2inch coin and over 4.5mm think 3d both sides and two inset stones . I'm hoping will be ready for my 1st year anniversary near the end of July . It will be available at coins and Pins. Hope you like it. 6ACP_01330_8.jpg6ACP_01330_7.jpg
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WowWowWow. unbelievably high on the cool scale. Any chance you'll "presale" any of these? If so, put me in for one of each finish! I love the antique look. Are you going to do these in antique copper? ok derschlings stop panting... just go ahead and beg for antique copper, antique gold, antique silver, antique palladium, antique geolinidium...wimper....

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I'd like to second the request for one these in antique copper, if you decide to mint that variety. Otherwise, I'd just have to say that ....... I'd buy some in antique gold! Very nicely done.

What he :laughing: said! This would look fantastic in Ant. Copper! Coins with a lot of 3D detail always look great in antiqued finishes. <_<



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First just want to say thanks for all the nice compliments I did the Artwork for this coin myself so the compliments mean a lot.

Let me try to answer a couple of Questions

No presales will be done .Sale are going to be done at Coinsandpins probably at the end of July /Aug time frame. July 22 will be my 1st Anniversary So It will be close.

There will be two finishes to start Antique Bronze and Satin Silver .

Antique Copper is going to be my trading color. I'm not going to call it Ae or Le Or any thing it's just my color. I don't plan on making these in a limited amount because it might be one of the nicest finishes . But I will only have a limited number of these this first run. Family ,friend, and such will eat into my supply pretty good . I will have a few for trades but if the coin does well And a Second Run is necessary I'll have more available. So timing and patients might be useful if you really really want Antique copper.

This is going to be a big coin 2 inches and 4.5 mm thick. I'm hoping that if you turn the coin on its side you will be able to see it looking at you with both eyes. Don't know if this will work as i have not seen one in person yet. But I'm hoping. I'll try to answer Question When they come up. :(


This coin is trackable That is if you are willing to let it go. And will have a custom Icon Not yet picked.


Thanks Geocachingdragon

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Nice looking coin - I would like one of each design please


Cheers, Graham, Jill and Robert - JGG


Well hopefully you realize you'll need to go to coins & pins website and purchase them when they go on sale. Geocachingdragon isn't taking orders through this thread.



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