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Western Carribean maps?

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I don't know whether there are maps available or not... but I have definitely enjoyed having the GPS along for cruises! Just having the basemap will be good enough to be able to get a good idea how far you are from land and so forth.


And you can normally find coordinates for various ports of call that you can enter ahead of time... it's fun to be able to see where you are in relation to the next port.


And naturally, I'd do a bunch of pocket queries to load up all the caches at each port!

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Been searching and searching for maps of the western carribean that I can use on my Explorist 500 LE.

Gotta a cruise at the end of July but if I don't have any maps then why take it...?




Shoot, you ain't no geocacher if you don't take your GPSr cruisin' with you! :rolleyes: I'd load my GPSr up with coordinates, dadgum the maps, full speed ahead!


Seriously, I went to St. Thomas last year with my Garmin eTrex Legend. Loaded it up with coordinates for all of the USVI. Base maps kind of sucked and would occasionally show me in the water when I was on the land, or vice versa. All I needed was to know which way to the cache! :unsure:



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