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Pirate treasure


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Just a question here - how come the international orders are more and then we have shipping to add on too. I was assuming that the the additional cost for the coin was to cover international shipping ??


I have 6 coins in my basket and about to press buy - but I'm just wondering here. Why is international more if not to cover shipping ?


Edited to say it's now been explained and the order is placed.





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Won't be purchasing this one or any others from this company!


False advertising on past coins!


What did we falsely advertise? If you are unhappy with the coins you have ordered from us send them back and we will be happy to give you a refund.



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Won't be purchasing this one or any others from this company!


False advertising on past coins!


I will not send the coins back, I have never said they are not nice coins and I wasn't happy with them, so please do not put words in my mouth!


If you don't know what false advertising is then I don't think anything I say is going to help but......


You should have offered them to the paying customers who already bought the set and supported your business.


The truth be told the only sending that need be done if any is a refund of the LE coin to me, and I still keep it. It was purchased under the pretense that it was only available to those who purchased the full set, and you have not kept the integrity of that statement. Therfore you sold me the coin under false pretenses. I am pretty sure that Paypal just may see it my way if I continue with a claim.


The quality of the coin has never been in question, only the way in which you have presented your product for sale and the integrity in which you have done that.

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