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Field Day

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K6RIX Field Day Find a Site

If you are wondering what Ham Radio is about, go to the above and find a site. You will most likely find hams setting up right now on Friday, for Saturday's start. They should be friendly and let you watch, answer questions and put you on the air.


At my Club's site (where I am headed in a few minutes, with a 20M full size 4 element yagi on my car roof...in pieces), you will see satellite communication, amateur TV, micro wave, VHF, UHF, digital modes, HF phone and morse code.

If you are working FD, I hope to see you on CW, club call: K6AA, 5A or 6A, LAX.

If your are in the Los Angeles area, look up United Radio Amateur Club, and visit us.

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im not a ham so i cant be in our local club... yet, but think they would mind if i dropped by?

Any good club welcomes the public and would be glad to see you. Field Day just started. The techno wizzes set up Wifi for all to use at our site.

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