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New "Thrill of the Hunt" Geocoin

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Announcing the "Thrill of the Hunt" Geocoin by 4BOWS.




This coin brings each of us back to the basics of geocaching. "The Thrill of the Hunt" and "The Joy of the Find". This is what geocaching is all about.


The coin was designed by 4BOWS and produced by Coins and Pins.


The coin specifics are as follows:

1.75" wide

Black Nickel

Trackable at geocaching.com

Custom Icon



500 coins were minted.


Price for this coin is $7.50 (USD) ($2 Shipping/Handling + minimal additional charges with larger orders)


This coin is currently in our hot little hands, so the coins will be sent out within 1-2 days of your order, depending on our real-life work schedules.


To order these coins, please go to the order page HERE .



Hope you enjoy this coin. We sure enjoyed designing and having it produced.



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I've just received my coins here in the UK and am very impressed with them


I'm even more impressed that I only ordered them on June 23rd and they were sitting on my table here in England this morning (June 28th) and only charged $2.50 for the whole order (unlike the guy who quoted me $10.50 shipping for one coin today).


Great service...many thanks :laughing:

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Hopefully to avoid any more confusion, each coin comes with a paper attached that looks like this:




This is the information needed to activate the coins. Ignore the information that comes with the paper from Coins and Pins. You do not need to get any other code from CoinCodes.com. The activation code for all of the coins is "HUNT4GEO".



Hope this helps, and also avoids further confusion.



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I just ordered two. :o

PS - I didn't get my Geo-Nick (tom4props) on the order because I'd already clicked "Pay Now" before I noticed the "Geo-Nick" button. :) ... but my order was placed at 8:42am. :)




Thanks for your order! Your coins will be in the mail to you today.

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Thanks for all the trades and purchases so far. The posted and e-mailed comments have been great, and we're glad everyone is enjoying their coins. Thought this would be a good time to bump the thread since we don't have a commercial web site for orders.

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