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I didn't say it in my earlier post, but cool pic. :angry:


I'd think that your idea of making this a sig item could work out nicely. I'm curious of the medium you'll use. I'm not sure the image would lend itself very well to being minted on a coin. There's a whole lot of detail there. Something like a business card that the image could be printed onto would be ok. The best business card/sig items I've seen had been laminated. Without it, they might not survive very long in the cache, unless you're attaching it inside the logbook.


I think you are on the right track, but am unsure what exactly you plan on doing with this pic. Whatever it is, I'm sure someone will appreciate finding it in a cache. (As long as it isn't one of the actual rats...)

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I'm about to put the following on my next cache, titled "Take Two Of These!"..

Since the containers are two beach holders, that look like HUGE Tylenol capsules. (only, these

aren't tampered with.... YET!)


Since most of the drug companies are required to put disclaimers on their medications, I thought it appropriate, (and comical) to put this in...


Warning: Caching may be addictive, and quite fun! You can either cache by yourself, or involve others in

caching as well. Some properties do not allow caching, or letterboxing, and should consult their doctor

to have their heads examined. Cachers are advised to log their finds on www.geocaching.com as soon as

possible! Moving of cache is forbidden, unless required by land owner, and should consult above request

for head examination. Cacher is responsible for bug spray, bandaids, water, sunglasses, GPS receiver,

paper, pencil or pen. Please cache responsibly! Practice C-I-T-O whenever possible!

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And, Unfortunately, spoke too soon.. When i went to check the cache after a week of sitting, 1st half, mice began eating the

cord. 2nd half, Muggled, and stolen! So.... replaced the 1st half with a plain rubbermaid container, a log book, and a pen, and

renamed it "I Was Robbed!".


Another signature item I use, when I visit a cache, a small patch of chainmaile..


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