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GPX download proposal


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Currently, when a premium member downloads a cache as a GPX (as opposed to an LOC) file, only the waypoint info is downloaded. Why not expand the GPX download to include all info included in a pocket query that includes the cache (description, hints, prior logs)? Those of us who use CacheMate could load these files and avoid having to generate a PQ for a list of three or four caches we want to do.

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I think you are mistaken.

I just experimented and downloaded a loc and gpx of the same cache. The loc is only 1K with just a few keys while the gpx is 10K. I have yet to import tht into GSAK to see if a whole Cache page comes up but I think that is the case.

Of course opening a loc or a gpx with something like EasyGPS wll only show the location.


What application are you using?

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On my cache GCT9RQ, I downloaded the LOC file and opened it in Notepad:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<loc version="1.0" src="Groundspeak">


<name id="GCT9RQ"><![CDATA[Toy Stash 2, the Return by Markwell]]></name>

<coord lat="41.736183" lon="-88.172133"/>


<link text="Cache Details">http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GCT9RQ</link>



Then I downloaded the GPX file and opened it in Notepad:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<gpx xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" version="1.0" creator="Groundspeak, Inc. All Rights Reserved. http://www.Groundspeak.com" xsi:schemaLocation="http://www.topografix.com/GPX/1/0 http://www.topografix.com/GPX/1/0/gpx.xsd http://www.Groundspeak.com/cache/1/0 http://www.Groundspeak.com/cache/1/0/cache.xsd" xmlns="http://www.topografix.com/GPX/1/0">

<name>Cache Listing Generated from Geocaching.com</name>

<desc>This is an individual cache generated from Geocaching.com</desc>

<author>Account "Markwell" From Geocaching.com</author>



<urlname>Geocaching - High Tech Treasure Hunting</urlname>


<keywords>cache, geocache</keywords>

<bounds minlat="41.736183" minlon="-88.172133" maxlat="41.736183" maxlon="-88.172133" />

<wpt lat="41.736183" lon="-88.172133">



<desc>Toy Stash 2, the Return by Markwell, Traditional Cache (1/1.5)</desc>


<urlname>Toy Stash 2, the Return</urlname>


<type>Geocache|Traditional Cache</type>

<Groundspeak:cache id="343071" available="True" archived="False" xmlns:Groundspeak="http://www.Groundspeak.com/cache/1/0">

<Groundspeak:name>Toy Stash 2, the Return</Groundspeak:name>


<Groundspeak:owner id="5518">Markwell</Groundspeak:owner>

<Groundspeak:type>Traditional Cache</Groundspeak:type>




<Groundspeak:country>United States</Groundspeak:country>


<Groundspeak:short_description html="True">Nice easy walk in the woods. Please stay on the path until you are

directly north of the location - no short cuts.</Groundspeak:short_description>

<Groundspeak:long_description html="True"><ol>

<li><font size="1">This Geocache is placed on DuPage County Forest

Preserve property with permission, and their


<li><font size="1">Do not place the following items in the

Geocache: Food items, inappropriate, offensive, or hazardous


<li><font size="1">DuPage County Forest Preserve hours are 1 hour

after sunrise until 1 hour after sunset. Preserve users must not be

in the preserves after hours.</font></li>

<li><font size="1">It is the visitor’s responsibility to be aware

of the policies and rules pertaining to this preserve. For more

information on preserve rules, see the information kiosk in the

parking lot of the preserve or contact Visitor Services at (630)


<li><font size="1">All Statutes, Ordinances, rules and regulations

pertaining to the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County are






<table border="1">


<td align="left" bgcolor="beige"><font size="1">Well….We went out

on a limb with this one. My wife Julie, our kids and myself have

done several cache hunts and stashes together. We have seen the

potential for using this as a tool to spend ime together, get some

exercise hiking, and have a catalyst to see things we wouldn't have

seen otherwise. Which brings me to my point…<br>


I have made this into a toy swap for kids. This does not mean that

this is only for kids, anybody is welcome of course. I just thought

it would be nice to give kids some motivation for doing this thing

we call geocaching. I know my own kids have been motivated just by

the possibility of finding a "treasure" they would want. A lot of

the time this happens. Even if you don't have your own children I

would challenge you to bring some little person you do know. A

niece or nephew, little brother or sister, the neighbor kid, any

child that would enjoy being outside in the company of you!<br>


The toy does NOT have to be big, expensive or even new. A match

box car or a small doll for example. Anyway, sorry this was so



Please check out my other nearby caches "Accelerator" and "Herrick





Bryan Midgley</font></td></tr></table></center>

<img align="right" src=


alt="Peabody and Sherman"> <font size="+3">Sherman, set the

Wayback Machine for February 03, 2001...</font> <br>


On <b>December 3, 2000</b>, Bryan Midgley opened an account on

Geocaching.com. At the time, there were 10 caches in Illinois, and

the closest ones were in Villa Park, Addison and Bensenville. So he

placed a cache on <b>December 9</b>.<br>


By <b>February 3, 2001</b>, three more caches had been placed in

Illinois counting Bryan's - the other two in Lisle and New Athens.

At that time, the front page of Geocaching.com looked like



<table border="1" width="60%">


<td><img src=


align="left">Geocaching is a new treasure hunting game. Armed

with a Global Positioning System (GPS) device and coordinates,

you can locate treasures that others have hidden in unusual

places. Here you can find the latest caches in your area, how

to hide your own cache, and information on how to get started

in this fun and exciting sport.<br>


<b>What is this all about?</b><br>

New to Geocaching? You can <u>Read our Frequently Asked

Questions</u> page to learn about the sport, read the <u>guide to

finding your first cache</u>, or if there's no caches near you,

learn <u>how to create the first cache</u> in your area. There are

also plenty of people to help answer your questions in the

<u>online forums</u>.<br>


<b>Get the T-shirt!</b><br>

We just completed our first run of white Geocaching.com t's.

Sunrise Identity was kind enough to <u>build a web site to purchase

the shirts</u>. Our first run is small, but if the demand is enough

we'll make more. Help promote the sport and <u>buy one now</u>!<br>


<b>Create an Account</b><br>

Create an account, and we'll let you know when new caches are

hidden in your area! You'll also be able to add to the virtual log

when you find a cache. <u>Create an account now</u>.<br>


<img src=


align="right"><b>Newest caches</b><br>

Caches placed in the last 7 days -<br>

<font size="1">By date listed...</font><br>

<ul class="noindent">

<li><a rel="nofollow" href=

"http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?id=480"><font color="black">

Stony Brook Millstone Watershed Association <b>(New

Jersey)</b></font></a> by Jason Malatesta,</li>

<li><a rel="nofollow" href=

"http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?id=479"><font color="black">

River View Cache <b>(Oregon)</b></font></a> by Bill,</li>

<li><a rel="nofollow" href=

"http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?id=478"><font color="black">

Pickle Creek Pirate Cache <b>(Missouri)</b></font></a> by Butch and


<li><a rel="nofollow" href=

"http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?id=477"><font color="black">

Treehugger <b>(Canada)</b></font></a> by Todd &

Chikako,<a rel="nofollow" href=


<li>Columbia Run <b>(Ohio)</b> by Buddur, <a rel="nofollow"


<li>Starch Mill <b>(New Hampshire)</b> by jbacon@ici.net,

<a rel="nofollow" href=


<li>AlfaRomeu Abandonado! <b>(Portugal)</b> by Nao




On <b>January 8, 2001</b>, I was perusing <a rel="nofollow"

href="http://www.coolsiteoftheday.com" target=

"new">CoolSiteOfTheDay.com</a> and Geocaching.com was listed. I

checked it out and thought it was "neat", but a search on my zip

code turned up only 10 caches within 100 miles, and only one

other in Illinois.<br>


Scroll forward to <b>February 18, 2001</b>. Bryan decides to place

two more caches in the Naperville area - one in Herrick Lake and

one in Springbrook Prairie (called Dragon Lake at the time).<br>


A little more forward in time: <b>March 9, 2001</b>. I decide that

this sport is kinda cool, and I register my account on

Geocaching.com. On Saturday, <b>March 10</b> (for my March 13th

birthday present) I go out to Sportmart and pick up my little

yellow etrex. On Sunday, March 11, I take my boy out and try to

find Toy Stash, the cache hidden in Springbrook Prairie. I log my

first DNF. By that date there are a whopping 32 caches in Illinois.

I finally find my first cache on my birthday - March 13 - in North



Bryan and I start e-mailing, and become friends. Eventually we

planned and co-host the first <a rel="nofollow" href=


target="new">Chicago Area Geocaching Picnic</a>, but right

before the picnic, Bryan receives word that his Toy Stash cache

has been picked up by the DuPage County Forest Preserve District

as litter. The ranger in charge determines that he does not want

this activity in the parks, and Geocaching is banned in DuPage



<font size="+3">OK Sherman, it's time to come back to the


DuPage County Forest Preserves now encourage responsible Geocaching

- filling out a permit, and having the site OK'd by their natural

resources department. This cache was permit number 102. While the

coordinates are not the same as the original Toy Stash, it is in

the exact same location (I think Bryan's coordinates were about 90

feet off, as he used a Magellan 315 that only displayed to two

decimal places on the minutes).<br>


So enjoy this preserve, enjoy this hobby we love - and bring the

kids along as Bryan would have wanted! <br>




<td valign="top" width="25%"><img src=


<td valign="top" align="center" width="50%"><a rel="nofollow"

href="http://www.gonil.org" target="new"><img border="0" alt=

"Geocachers of Northeastern Illinois" src=


<br></a> <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.gonil.org" target=

"new"><font size="1">GONIL</font></a></td>

<td valign="top" align="right" width="25%"><img src=


align="right" hspace="2"> <font size="1">And for that

"Twilight Zone Moment": I was eating dinner in a restaurant

last week, and saw Bryan and his family. He instantly

recognized me (and I him). He had just gotten back from hiking

with his family - but not Geocaching.</font></td></tr></table>



<b>Original Logs on Toy Stash:</b><br>

<img src="http://www.markwell.us/icon_note.gif"> June 14, 2001 by

Road Kill<br>

<img src="http://www.markwell.us/icon_traffic_cone.gif">June 12,

2001 by Bryan<br>

<img src="http://www.markwell.us/icon_sad.gif"> June 2, 2001 by

Road Kill<br>

<img src="http://www.markwell.us/icon_note.gif"> May 20, 2001 by


<img src="http://www.markwell.us/icon_sad.gif"> May 19, 2001 by Dr


<img src="http://www.markwell.us/icon_happy.gif">April 22, 2001 by


<img src="http://www.markwell.us/icon_happy.gif">April 21, 2001 by


<img src="http://www.markwell.us/icon_happy.gif">April 14, 2001 by


<img src="http://www.markwell.us/icon_happy.gif">April 1, 2001 by


<img src="http://www.markwell.us/icon_happy.gif">March 29, 2001 by


<img src="http://www.markwell.us/icon_happy.gif">March 28, 2001 by


<img src="http://www.markwell.us/icon_note.gif"> March 13, 2001 by


<img src="http://www.markwell.us/icon_sad.gif"> March 11, 2001 by


<img src="http://www.markwell.us/icon_happy.gif">February 27, 2001

by jschatz<br>

<img src="http://www.markwell.us/icon_happy.gif">February 20, 2001

by grampa<br>

<img src="http://www.markwell.us/icon_happy.gif">February 19, 2001

by schwinn362<br>


<font size="1"><b>What were those old caches?</b> Here they are

sorted by placement date:<br>

May 13 2000 - <a rel="nofollow" href=


target="new">Beverly by Robert Reindl (GD28)</a><br>

Jun 03 2000 - <s><font color="red">Geocache by Michael

Moreth</font></s> Bensonville - archived on 9/23/2003<br>

Jun 08 2000 - <s><font color="red">Geocache by Michael

Moreth</font></s> Addison - archived on 8/2/2003<br>

Jun 08 2000 - <s><font color="red">Geocache by Harry O</font></s>

Kempton - archived on 8/16/2001<br>

Jun 16 2000 - <s><font color="red">Geocache by Michael

Moreth</font></s> Wood Dale - archived on 3/11/2001<br>

Sep 19 2000 - <s><font color="red">Geocache by Doug</font></s>

Clinton - archived on 9/7/2003<br>

Sep 27 2000 - <s><font color="red">Foul Smelling Air by Eric

B.</font></s> Villa Park - archived on 8/16/2001<br>

Oct 28 2000 - <s><font color="red">First Chicago by Ryan

Szekeres</font></s> 90-94 Split, Chicago - archived on 9/1/2002<br>

Nov 05 2000 - <s><font color="red">Old McDowell had a cache... by

Gregory Zonsius</font></s> Naperville - archived on 1/3/2002<br>

Dec 02 2000 - <s><font color="red">Geocache by Gregg

Gruen</font></s> Starved Rock - archived on 3/17/2001<br>

Dec 09 2000 - <s><font color="red">Accelerator by Bryan

Midgley</font></s> Fermilab - archived on 1/5/2004<br>

Jan 26 2001 - <a rel="nofollow" href=


target="new">Burlington Creek by GeoDAM (GC1B3)</a><br>

Feb 03 2001 - <s><font color="red">Peabody Prize Patrol by

Bob-n-Jeff</font></s> New Athens - archived on 5/15/2001<br>

Feb 10 2001 - <s><font color="red">Fox Ridge Stash by scott

alier</font></s> Charleston - archived on 5/31/2002<br>

Feb 11 2001 - <s><font color="red">Lilac Treasure by

Aether</font></s> Lombard - archived on 6/7/2001<br>

Feb 11 2001 - <a rel="nofollow" href=


target="new">Rocky Springs Cache by scott alier (GC26A)</a><br>

Feb 11 2001 - <s><font color="red">Little Grand Canyon Irish Cache

by Butch and Sharon</font></s> Shawnee National Forest - archived

on 8/4/2004<br>

Feb 11 2001 - <s><font color="red">Dr. Spyro's Challenge by Dr.

Spyro</font></s> North Aurora - archived on 4/30/2001<br>

Feb 18 2001 - <a rel="nofollow" href=


target="new">Rural Rendezvous by Ray Macke (GC2ED)</a><br>

Feb 18 2001 - <s><font color="red">Toy Stash by Bryan

Midgley</font></s> South Naperville - archived on 6/12/2001<br>

Feb 18 2001 - <s><font color="red">Herrick Lake Stash by Bryan

Midgley</font></s> Warrenville - archived on 7/27/2001<br>

Feb 25 2001 - <a rel="nofollow" href=


target="new">Cheif Illini Cache by Scott, Jill, RJ and Hershey

(adopted by Team MZFD) (GC368)</a><br>

Feb 27 2001 - <s><font color="red">ST. Pat's cache by cva38bw

(grampa)</font></s> Burr Ridge - archived on 4/3/2001<br>

Feb 26 2001 - <s><font color="red">Waterfall by Dr Spyro</font></s>

Lemont - archived on 6/18/2001<br>

Feb 04 2001 - <s><font color="red">Two Rivers by Mapman</font></s>

Burr Ridge - archived on 3/3/2001<br>

Mar 03 2001 - <a rel="nofollow" href=


target="new">Kickapoo Park Cache by Dave & Sue Nicholson


Mar 07 2001 - <a rel="nofollow" href=


target="new">I&M canal cache by grampa (GC417)</a><br>

Mar 08 2001 - <s><font color="red">Piasa by K, Drew &

Emily</font></s> Grafton - archived on 6/3/2003<br>

Mar 08 2001 - <s><font color="red">Twinkle * BikeMan #5 by K, Drew

& Emily</font></s> Grafton - archived on 4/11/2003<br>

Mar 10 2001 - <a rel="nofollow" href=


target="new">Kennekuk Park Cache by Dave & Sue Nicholson


Mar 10 2001 - <a rel="nofollow" href=


target="new">Trailside by Ken, Kim, Fiona, Liam (GC436)</a><br>

Mar 10 2001 - <a rel="nofollow" href=


target="new">Hawkeye's Perch by Scott, Jill, RJ and Hershey

(adopted by Team MZFD) (GC43B)</a><br>

Mar 12 2001 - <s><font color="red">Glasford by Zach</font></s>

Glasford - archived on 8/19/2001<br></font></Groundspeak:long_description>




<Groundspeak:log id="28305130">


<Groundspeak:type>Found it</Groundspeak:type>

<Groundspeak:finder id="99464">ChicagoCindy</Groundspeak:finder>

<Groundspeak:text encoded="False">[8D] Great cache hide! Took: GeoTruckers Geocoin and purple frisbee, left RickAnn Coin #3 Geocoin and three Kinder Toys (in plastic eggs). TFTC!</Groundspeak:text>


<Groundspeak:log id="28202556">


<Groundspeak:type>Write note</Groundspeak:type>

<Groundspeak:finder id="585025">Eagle-ize</Groundspeak:finder>

<Groundspeak:text encoded="False">Forgot to drop the coin.</Groundspeak:text>


<Groundspeak:log id="28201974">


<Groundspeak:type>Found it</Groundspeak:type>

<Groundspeak:finder id="585025">Eagle-ize</Groundspeak:finder>

<Groundspeak:text encoded="False">Was in the area visiting a friend so I thought I'd hit some caches. Strabgely enough, while I was walking back towards this one I came across another cache. Originally, I thought it was Toy Stash but my GPSer said I was 230 off still. This one had a DuPage tag so I recorded it and the location to contact the FPD with. The log inside looked like it may have been hidden ny a kid....no identifiers and I was the first to sign it. I'm thinking this isn't a website cache.

After that I treked off to the real find, which came without too much trouble. T: 3 TB's which had been sitting awhile L: geocoin, eraser, and toy plane 3:15pm</Groundspeak:text>


<Groundspeak:log id="27634351">


<Groundspeak:type>Found it</Groundspeak:type>

<Groundspeak:finder id="107970">zzephyr</Groundspeak:finder>

<Groundspeak:text encoded="False">This broke a string of eleven consecutive DNF's -- the curse is over! (It seems that the longer I do this hobby, the worse I become at it.) This was a fascinating piece of local geocaching history; thanks for the lesson.</Groundspeak:text>


<Groundspeak:log id="25787289">


<Groundspeak:type>Found it</Groundspeak:type>

<Groundspeak:finder id="166200">DarDar</Groundspeak:finder>

<Groundspeak:text encoded="False">Found this one on an early morning ride before heading for Ann Arbor. Fun cache and I love biking in this forest preserve. TNLN - TFTC</Groundspeak:text>


<Groundspeak:log id="24810046">


<Groundspeak:type>Found it</Groundspeak:type>

<Groundspeak:finder id="784230">G-Money1005</Groundspeak:finder>

<Groundspeak:text encoded="False">What a beautiful spot!!! Found it with little trouble. Bring your binoculars for this one! A fantastic birding spot, not only on the lake, but in the fields and woods. If you walk due South from the cache to the stream and look real hard in the trees on the other side, I think that there is a pair of owls nesting in the treetops a bit to the right. Saw obvious signs in the area... owl pellets, fur and an actual rabbit's foot! Leftovers I'm willing to bet. Not so lucky for him! Looks like they are Barred ir Great Horned from their size! Dropped the Blue Dragon TB and took AJ's Green Machine TB. Blue Dragon has reached its first goal!</Groundspeak:text>


<Groundspeak:log id="24737212">


<Groundspeak:type>Found it</Groundspeak:type>

<Groundspeak:finder id="774902">anhill</Groundspeak:finder>

<Groundspeak:text encoded="False">This was the perfect place to drop off our first travel bug, the newly activated "AJ's Green Machine." My son and I look forward to following its progress. TFTC!</Groundspeak:text>


<Groundspeak:log id="24352311">


<Groundspeak:type>Found it</Groundspeak:type>

<Groundspeak:finder id="960349">Corsair_01</Groundspeak:finder>

<Groundspeak:text encoded="False">Nice Hide. Left the Travel bug though.





<Groundspeak:log id="24279124">


<Groundspeak:type>Found it</Groundspeak:type>

<Groundspeak:finder id="275609">Sergeant Homer</Groundspeak:finder>

<Groundspeak:text encoded="False">Nice easy walk, but the grass around the model airfield is like a minefield of deer droppings. Great hiding place. Looks like they're doing some trimming in the area, hope it doesn't affect the cache. TNLNSL</Groundspeak:text>


<Groundspeak:log id="24174221">


<Groundspeak:type>Found it</Groundspeak:type>

<Groundspeak:finder id="305598">Green Thumb Trekers</Groundspeak:finder>

<Groundspeak:text encoded="False">4:40 p.m. After dodging a multitude of muggles, we managed to sneak off the path and find our way to the cache.


Fortunately, the cache was ALL that we managed to find, unlike a park visitor who found more than he/she bargained for the day before: http://www.suburbanchicagonews.com/napervi...BODY_S1.article




<Groundspeak:log id="24037848">


<Groundspeak:type>Found it</Groundspeak:type>

<Groundspeak:finder id="613273">skeeterbeadle</Groundspeak:finder>

<Groundspeak:text encoded="False">Found this one after work today. a little muddy after the semi melted snow but a quick find with a well trod path! Took Cars PEZ, L: Peanut's Paci TB</Groundspeak:text>


<Groundspeak:log id="22210747">


<Groundspeak:type>Found it</Groundspeak:type>

<Groundspeak:finder id="178004">Mr. Fantastic</Groundspeak:finder>

<Groundspeak:text encoded="False">I have not travelled this side of the Springbrook Prairie. I love it. There were a few people using the airfield and it was fun to watch the tricks they had the planes running through. Took TB, left mini-frisbee.</Groundspeak:text>


<Groundspeak:log id="21871770">


<Groundspeak:type>Found it</Groundspeak:type>

<Groundspeak:finder id="888580">ashamar</Groundspeak:finder>

<Groundspeak:text encoded="False">En route to this cache, I got to watch some model airplane pilots out practicing in the fields. Something I haven't seen in years!


Cache is in good condition, but the geocoin is no longer there. Dropped off "The black nose dog" Travel Bug.</Groundspeak:text>


<Groundspeak:log id="21806046">


<Groundspeak:type>Found it</Groundspeak:type>

<Groundspeak:finder id="244349">ADS1</Groundspeak:finder>

<Groundspeak:text encoded="False">This is my kind of cache. Geese flying overhead, nine deer grazing in green plots, and a nice walk on a cold day. Found with James and and soon to be 5-Unpaved(Currently 4-Unpaved)[:ph34r:] My favorite cache of the day. Thanks and Happy Caching![:ph34r:] Dropped Blue Canary Geocoin and left a John Deere Tractor.</Groundspeak:text>


<Groundspeak:log id="21803216">


<Groundspeak:type>Found it</Groundspeak:type>

<Groundspeak:finder id="187419">4-Unpaved</Groundspeak:finder>

<Groundspeak:text encoded="False">Thanks for the Hide. We saw about 9 deer that watched as we walked by and were still there to watch us walk back by on the way out. Cache was in great shape.</Groundspeak:text>


<Groundspeak:log id="21714377">


<Groundspeak:type>Found it</Groundspeak:type>

<Groundspeak:finder id="650843">GCalum</Groundspeak:finder>

<Groundspeak:text encoded="False">Find number seven on the day. Grabbed two TBs and signed log. TFTC.</Groundspeak:text>


<Groundspeak:log id="20803486">


<Groundspeak:type>Write note</Groundspeak:type>

<Groundspeak:finder id="213874">Panther in the Den</Groundspeak:finder>

<Groundspeak:text encoded="False">Stopped by to drop a TB with a destination in the FP.


The prairie is beautiful this time of year with many shades of tan. There was a gent setting up his plane for a fly at the nearby field and I spooked 4 deer nesting in the area of the cache.


Cache was well hidden upon my arrival and even better so when I left. :ph34r:


Cache is in great shape!</Groundspeak:text>


<Groundspeak:log id="20707730">


<Groundspeak:type>Found it</Groundspeak:type>

<Groundspeak:finder id="313624">Geofogies</Groundspeak:finder>

<Groundspeak:text encoded="False">We arrived well before 8 am and there were already quite a few cars in the lot as dog walkers,joggers, and geocachers took advantage of the decent weather. We enjoyed the nice cache location and traded TBs TFTC.</Groundspeak:text>


<Groundspeak:log id="20626256">


<Groundspeak:type>Found it</Groundspeak:type>

<Groundspeak:finder id="879289">Archery Guy</Groundspeak:finder>

<Groundspeak:text encoded="False">Pretty Easy</Groundspeak:text>


<Groundspeak:log id="20471494">


<Groundspeak:type>Found it</Groundspeak:type>

<Groundspeak:finder id="643690">King Midas</Groundspeak:finder>

<Groundspeak:text encoded="False">King & Queen Midas really like the green jeep, so we had to find it again. Took green jeep TB and left a regular yellow jeep.</Groundspeak:text>


<Groundspeak:log id="12809584">


<Groundspeak:type>Write note</Groundspeak:type>

<Groundspeak:finder id="5518">Markwell</Groundspeak:finder>

<Groundspeak:text encoded="False">I went out this morning to place this cache with an extremely nice ranger. We arrived at the predesignated time of 6:30, and it was dark and raining. I had checked my celestial settings on the GPS at a stoplight on the way in, and knew that the sun wouldn't be rising for another 40 minutes. I had prepared for the rain with my hiking boots and raingear, but I didn't have extra batteries, and as I disconnected my GPS from my car adapter, it beeped low batteries. The ranger also indicated that HER GPS just lost power as well. Luckily, I remembered this cache hunt from my first experience well enough to get me to the precise location.


We placed the cache together, and she was as excited as any cacher I have cached with. I fired up the GPS and hoped that I would get a strong enough signal lock in the rain to get coordinates before the batteries completely gave out. One satellite... two satellite... beep-beep "Batteries Low" ... one satellite... two satellites... three - four - lock position!


Then the most amazing thing happened - an owl started hooting fanatically at us. We both stood there transfixed, listening to its mournful calls and warnings. The ranger said "He must be VERY close." I guessed about 30-40 feet away.


We retreated to the cars talking about her post as a ranger in DuPage, and my history with caching and this particular area, and as I pulled out of the parking lot and the dark purples had given way to dingy gray hues, what had been a steady rain was now a large flake snowfall.


I'm sending Wayfaring Kimino on her way with this cache. Via con Dios!</Groundspeak:text>




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Quite a bit of difference...

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If you use GSAK, and keep bringing in new PQs, the Past Logs keep adding up in the database. For some popular caches around here, I have many, many logs now. I finally set a limit of 15 in Cachemate to make the .pdb file a bit smaller. I'm sure there might be a time I need to see that 16th Past Log, but for most cache hunts, I'm hoping 15 will be enough. :ph34r:

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My experience is that the GPX data is the same except that when you get it from the page you can get up to 20 log entries where as the PQ GPX file only has 5.

Also, any additional waypoints that would normally get sent in a separate file in a PQ, are included in the GPX file with the main cache data.

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:P:) You just distributed Premium Member-only data to non Premium Members!! What is this world coming to??


Sorry to be so late in replying to this, but your joke just sunk in.

GPX is NOT premium menber only data. All users at geocaching.com can download a GPX file of a cache, one at a time. And if they so wanted to do so they could download more than the 5 PQ's wortyh of 500 each = 2,500 limit that Premium members are :( stuck :( with. But who has the time or bot to do that?

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GPX is NOT premium menber only data. All users at geocaching.com can download a GPX file of a cache, one at a time.



Here's a snapshot from my dog's account (non-premium member)



Unforunately, it's too late to go back and edit it. Jeremy will if he wants to.

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