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garmin nuvi 350

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I made my friend buy one last week. He has taken it to Hawaii with him. He tried some geocaching near his home in Palo Alto, CA and he was impressed by the fact that the CN NA NT maps loaded on it showed the trail he was on. He had ordered the US Topo 2008, but it hadn't arrived before he left on vacation. I am waiting to hear his experience with auto nav and geocaching in Hawaii.


Before buying that, we went to a store to look at the Magellan Crossover (2500T). The Topo map on it was a piece of junk.

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anyone tried geocaching with this model

I use a Nuvi 350. We purchased it for the car, and love it for driving. Then I started caching. I find it easy to orient myself with the map because it shows landmarks in the area (streams, roads, etc.). I suppose if I was in very deep woods with no land features on the map, it would be difficult. I am happy with it overall, however I am considering buying a more traditional unit with the compass and close-in distance to the waypoint. With the Nuvi, once you get within 30 feet or so, it says you have "arrived". You can zoom in on the map and you can position yourself right on the target indicator, but it is not as nice as having the exact remaining distance displayed. The other negative side of the Nuvi is that the screen is touch sensitive. Since it is not meant to be hand held, it is easy to accidently touch the screen and lose your current screen.

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