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Help Manage a Group Coin


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I have two small group coin designs that I'd like to see go forward to Minting,

but I've been busy at the moment to go forward with them, myself.


I'm looking for two people to take on each design and manage a small group and

go forward with Minting them. I'd still be a part of the Design aspect, and planning...


Let me know if you're interested. Thanks! ~Fluttershy


The Coins would all be trackable at Geocaching.com, and Have an icon.


1. Geo Scooters (15-20 in Group)

2. Cat Got Your Cache (??? in Group)


Scooters are basically individualized by Color and Lazer Printing an individual Name.

Cat Got Your Cache would have One Common Side, and One Individual Side that Makes The Cat Unique to the Owner of the Coin.





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i need help with a personal geocoin


This is different. These are group coins, where each coins has a number of people involved in the project - each person will have their own individual color scheme for the coin - so someone will have blue scooters, someone red ones, someone else yellow, etc, etc. The design, etc is done.


What Fluttershy is looking for is someone to coordinate the group, sort the color choices, organise the mint? (or maybe it is just to work with an already organised mint), collect the money from the participants and pay the mint, and to distribute the coins once they arrive. Oh, and most importantly - keep everyone informed.

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