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Post a Geocoin Note here to glenn721 :)


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Hello to everyone :P


Would like to thank Stephanie for starting this thread. Also thank everyone who has posted, emailed and sent well wishes my way. It has surly been a rough go of it these last few weeks. I have been only finding time to log in and check the Operation Sunshine thread, and emails other then that I have not been active on the forums and I miss interacting with all that are here. ;)


What a great community this is , support from folks I have traded with, have had contact through the past year plus, and to those who have been acquaintances on these boards. Thank you everyone for this lifting thread, jokes , pics, all have made me smile, and brought a bit of brightness my way,


Soon to follow up with any outstanding trades, photos and loose ends :P



Just checking email and the Operation Sunshine thread, Wanted to bring my "thank you" post to this page, It's delightful to know I have so many great friends from afar in this community. Glenn

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Just found out that you aren't feeling well. Hoping you'll be back and at'em soon.


Your Sunshine geocoin in Arizona hasn't moved yet. We think it might be worried about you!


We hope both of you will be up and running soon.

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Hi Glen!


Things are looking up. Good news. I got your package. Thanks for the GeoTags.

This is what I'm sending back to you.



Hope this helps cheer you up! :laughing:


Greets , Thanks for the wonderful wire wrap job on AE Whail Trail coin. Feel free to "discover" it if you care :laughing:


That beautiful coin was sent to me by tsunrisebey, Hope you like the way the wrap came out Stephanie :laughing:


And finely thanks to everyone for the well wishes.



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