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Post a Geocoin Note here to glenn721 :)

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Our fellow geocoin addict (glenn721) has been feeling a bit 'under the weather' for the past three weeks. I think he could use some of our thoughts, prayers and geocoin related wishes. So let me be the first to say;



I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers that your back in your Jeep driving around and that you heal up soon :ph34r:


Here's a joke I just made up for you:


Q: What did the guy geocoin say to the gal geocoin?

A: Your cache or mine? (I know it's really dumb but I'm not a comedian....lol).


Here's a pic for ya too :o




Luv ur buddy,

tsun :D

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I certainly hope that Glenn has one of these...



Glenn, I know that they only made the gold as an LE, but you deserve an XLE version -- maybe with "S4 Glow White" background, huh? :o


Get well soon, and quit eating those geocoins we've been sending to you! When your doc said you need more iron, that's not what he means. :ph34r:

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We are so sorry that you are not feeling well Glenn. You are one of the most generous and honest geocoin traders that we have had the pleasure to trade with. We hope that you feel better really soon. You are in our thoughts and prayers. We wish you a speedy recovery and lots of coin mailers in your mailbox. :ph34r::o

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Get well soon Glenn!


I'm hope those lame jokes at the beginning of the thread don't actually have you feeling worse... :ph34r:


Because, here's another bad one!


What did the girl geocoin say to the guy geocoin?


Is that a travel bug in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?




Boooo Hissssss :o

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Glenn buddy ol pal 'o' friend of mine...Its summer time!!! Watcha doin bein sick on us???? :ph34r:


If it makes ya feel better I just fixed a sick cache of mine!!!! :lol: ...All the bugs and coins in my bug drop were sittin like 3.5 ft down in the stump they were hiding in!!! Got a notice of it being muggled and I about crapped!!!...I put on my camo and those black stripes below my eyes, even brought my nunchucks!!!!...all just to use a retrieval tool to retrieve some innocent coins and bugs from a stump!!!


You can use my retrieval tool to pick yourself up!!!! :D ...OK just get better-we dont like it when our buddies are sick!!! :o

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Hey Glenn,


I don't know what happened to you, but I hope it isn't something very serious! I hope you are up and about and spreading your sunshine once again!


Truly, you are a wonderful and generous person. Thanks for all you have taught me!


So get in that jeep and ride. . .there are a lot of caches waiting for you.



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Hello to everyone :P


Would like to thank Stephanie for starting this thread. Also thank everyone who has posted, emailed and sent well wishes my way. It has surly been a rough go of it these last few weeks. I have been only finding time to log in and check the Operation Sunshine thread, and emails other then that I have not been active on the forums and I miss interacting with all that are here. ;)


What a great community this is , support from folks I have traded with, have had contact through the past year plus, and to those who have been acquaintances on these boards. Thank you everyone for this lifting thread, jokes , pics, all have made me smile, and brought a bit of brightness my way,


Soon to follow up with any outstanding trades, photos and loose ends :P



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