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mother cache

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Pardon my ignorance. What is a mother cache?


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its a cache with micro caches in them and you suposed to plant the micro caches and you dont have to leav somthing but theres a wab site you supossed to say you placed a mother cache and report a new cahce on geocaching.com but i dont know what do to and what website or maby theres no website thats just what i heard at a event

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We've talked with some local cachers about placing "The Mother of All Caches". There are some great footlocker size waterproof containers at the army surplus store nearest here. We want to fill one up with ammo cans, decons and maybe a few micros. We discussed having folks bring containers to an event, put them in the cache, then placing the cache, maybe as a group. The only snag we've run into is where to place it that cachers could find it, but muggles wouldn't. Once we get that figured out, we hope to run with it.

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