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Kilted Cacher Geocoins

Kilted Cacher

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I was going through some old geocaching stuff and came across some Kilted Cacher Geocoins that I had made in 2005. I have 24 trackable coins left (non-activated) and quite a few non-trackable ones as well (same coin, but no code). Thought I would drop a post to judge interest.


As some already know, I sold most of my collection last year due to personal reasons and since then I have not collected any geocoins. So right now, I will not be trading for other coins, thanks.

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Ok, seems like quite a bit of interest. I have received several emails as well. To cover packing and shipping and such, let's say $12 for the trackable coins and $5 for the non-trackable. If you have already sent an email, just send another one saying if you want one or not. Payment info will be sent once emails arrive. Only 24 trackable coins available then they are all gone, and several non-trackable available.


As a note, the non-trackable are identical to the trackable, but the codes were messed up by the coin manufacturer and they re-made the coins for me and said that I could keep the ones that were messed up. So I removed the erroneous codes from the bad batch of coins with my Dremel.

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All trackable coins have been spoken for. Most are paid for and there are a few pending, if they stay pending for a couple more days I will email the next on the list. Thanks again everyone and I have a ton more non-trackable.


I also found a box of my activated geocoins and I remember talking to someone who wanted to buy them and adopt them, if he reads this, hopefully he can contact me again as I have accidentally deleted his email.

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