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Flooding - what to do (another pointless thread)

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After the recent floodings (and with threats of more to come?!), I was wondering how many caches we might have lost, or be at risk of losing in the UK. This was discussed briefly earlier this year [ HERE ].


Does anyone have any interesting stories of losing a cache, finding a cache related to flooding / wet weather?


Also, having found a BBC guide [ HERE ]; for a bit of fun can anyone suggest a similar (satirical) guide for Geocaching?


Here's a starter for 10:-


Step One - Moving into a Flood Risk Area

  • Check the local area for floating tupperware boxes or ammo cans.

  • Make sure you have adequate cache container and contents insurance cover.

Step Two - What you should do before a flood

  • Make up a flood kit - including wellies, spare logbook and pen, a torch (for cave related floodings), blankets (to warm the little TBs after a flood), waterproof clothing (for the TBs of course), rubber gloves (kinky!), a fishing net (to grab floaters as they pass by), and a hairdryer (to dry TBs out after a flood).

Over to you.......


But seriously - be safe!

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:D We may have fun, but it has been quite bad in the leeds area today and we should be extra careful when around rivers, and keep a tight reign on the kids, as one 13 year old has been washed away Today and has not been found, if its too dangerous don't go caching we dont want to be a burdon on the emergency services when we don't need to be :D
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We have indeed - it's on our route to school every morning. We spotted they had the sluice gates open the other day to try and drain some of the water so I wonder if that is when your micro went AWOL?

Im sure the Bolas's have spotted this


The micro was long gone i had a metal plate (done to look like an inspection point) on the bridge id guess that the flood tourists (seen loads this week on my way back from work) took a look at it . Probably made a good skimming object when it flew away from the bridge.

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