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GeocoinFest Logo and Geocoin Vote!


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Fellow members of the coin forum... I proudly present the logo\coin design submissions for the GeocoinFest multi events. There are 11 submissions.


Voting Requirements:

1. Please only vote once per account, dogs and sock puppets please don't vote!

2. To cast your vote, adding a post to this thread with the number of your Top 3 favorites OR by email me (if you would like your vote to not be made public) with the information.

3. Voting will begin today and last one week, ending Tuesday June 26th, 3 pm EST, at that time the votes will be tallyed and the winner displayed

4. Artists who have submitted artwork can (and are encouraged to) vote (so can moderators)

5. There are 11 submissions posted below, some have front and back artwork, some just the front

6. How the voting works: 3 points will be tallyed for every 1st place vote, 2 points for every 2nd place vote and 1 point for every 3rd place vote. The submission with the most points is declared the design (pending final artwork).

7. I will reserve the right to change what I posted if something doesn't make sense or I forgot something!

8. For larger version posts of the artwork you can view them in this THREAD

9. no need to reattach the artwork when responding to this topic!

10. I will be abstaining from the voting.






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