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Rechargeable batteries for my older PDA

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I'm a big fan of the new Rayovac Hybrid rechargeable batteries. I have 4 AA size and use them to run my GPS and Digi Cam. They work very well, even in the GPS, which is intended for use with normal alkaline batteries.


I recently got a Palm m125, and would like to get some of the Hybrid AAA's for it, to save buying batteries, and I'm hoping also to get a considerable run time on a charge.


I've read that you should not use rechargeable's in a PDA, since the normal type tend to drop off if unused and loose all your data. Additionally the PDA could get confused with the different power levels. However given the Hybrid's ability to hold charge for a considerably longer time than a conventional NiMH, I wonder if this advice is still relevant.


If anyone has any thoughts I'd appreciate the input.

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Great, thanks.


I assumed they would, but am glad to hear others have used rechargeable batteries with no problems before I stick them in the unit. I think the Hybrids are the way to go, they save me a ton on batteries, and I can almost always have a fresh set before heading out.

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Well they didn't work. :ph34r: At least not out of the package. I bought some and put them in and got nothing when I hit the power button. I put two of them in the charger to see if they possibly lost charge sitting on the shelf enough to make a difference.


They are 800mAh and 1.2 Volts.

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I've gotten them to work but it's not ideal. Note that the voltage on the rechargable is lower and I suspect that the total voltage of 2 rechargable AAAs (2.4 vs 3.0V) is just above the cut-off where the Palm will work. So they go down much faster than the disposable AAAs; and when they do they lose everything (including the Cachemate program) very quickly. I basically bought a large batch of AAA disposables and will just use those. It's not cheaper, but it's less aggravation.

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Well they didn't work. :ph34r: At least not out of the package. I bought some and put them in and got nothing when I hit the power button. ... They are 800mAh and 1.2 Volts.

Well I'm surprised. I have a pair of no name NiMH 1.2V 750mAh that have been in my125 for weeks and they're still showing 1/4 charge. I've had no problems at all.

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NiMH batteries don't come charged out of the package, you have to charge them first. Hybrid batteries are usually charged, but standard NiMH batteries aren't. Charge them up for 8 hours or so, and they should power up your Palm. For things like this, hybrid batteries are almost essential, because regular NiMH batteries self-discharge over time. They're designed for high-power demand applications, not long-term low power applications. You'll be happier with alkaline or hybrid batteries, I think.

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I put some freshly charged hybrids in this morning, and still no luck.


I'm pretty surprised as well, I figured they would run, but the battery indicator would show lower. My particular Palm must be a bit picky. Before getting the Hybrids, I bought some cheap AAA's and I got the same result, it wouldn't power up.


Guess I'll just have to stick with Duracell's.


Thanks for the input!

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