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Mouse Hunt

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I refer you all to Mouse Hunt to start this topic.


I am wondering what makes a good cache and what makes an annoying cache. The last to find this cache spent 5 hours searching for one of the clues. She finally got it, but she must have been fustrated at some point.


Should I change the clues to offer a little more help or should I leave it as it is?


I have to say I respect her for the effort. 5 hours! Without a phone call asking for a clue. Amazing. :o


I have also received an email from another cape cacher (female) asking if it is safe to do alone. What would everyone consider for a woman to do while caching alone for this cache. Do it or not? I thought it was a safe area, but your opinions please.


OK, and to end I have to admit I take a certain amount of pride in having people struggle finding this cache.

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Well reading the logs, I say maybe wp2 might need a small clue, or move it a bit to make it a fraction easier..... otherwise I say let 'em suffer! :o


Your Cache Ratings show it is going to be tough...


I have spent hours on a certain cache aswell by TeamTGF, maybe not quite 5 hours, but enough. One feels so chuffed when you do get it that it makes you forget about the frustration... for me anyway. Hey this is Geocacing after all. The Hunt is what it is all about. Not So?


On the Safety aspect, One can Never give guarentee's on safety. One just never knows. I have by-passed 2 caches in my short 84 finds because it looked to be un safe. especially females!


One needs to take it on it;s merits and decide on the day. Hopefully everything will pan out ok. Would hate to read a post of someone getting hurt at the hands of another person / people or something nasty like that while out caching.


There is the risk of hurting oneself on a tricky cache hunt but thats another question entirely.


Anyway that's my 2c worth.

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Don't change a thing.


The cache difficulty rating promises frustration or fun (which of the two depends on how strong your morning coffee was). If anything I think most found the second clue's co-ords a little off, and boy there are many spots for a little critter to hide!


I think the area is perfectly safe during the day.


Great cache. Make 'em work! :o



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:smile: My two cents worth - I went and found the first clue - no problem - then onto the second, I believed my GPS at first and I guess that's where the mistake came in, I see now that it could be up to 20m out - but didn't spend five hours, don't have the patience and didn't find it, but I will be back to widen my search. I guess if I don't find it next time I might have to call someone for a further clue! As for the safety - there was no one up there while I was hunting through the bush and not much traffic on the road either - so one has to be aware.:smile:
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I am the determined 5-hour cache-seeker, and I also say 'leave it as it is'. My GPS co-ords were off by about 20m, but it was good fun searching for it.

In the end I did have to phone Discombob to help me out.

Other people are finding it, so leave it as it is.


And I also recogn it's fine to do alone...


A very satisfying cache, once I'd actually found it!

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Ooh, here's a wicked thought:


When we know that Larks is coming down to hunt the mouse, we set up an event cache at the same time. The qualification to attend the event is finding the mouse. Then we can all sit back and have fun watching others try to find it!


Gosh, I'm just plain nasty!



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