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National Wilderness Areas

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I'm not really sure myself. I've never been to one. My impression is that they are areas set aside to help maintain natural environments for wildlife. I first read about one in the Saskatoon area in book about nature viewing in the Saskatoon area.


List of National Wilderness Areas on Wikipedia


Oh, I see, it is "National Wildlife Area", not "Wilderness". They appear to be separate areas under a separate act so should have no relationship to "Parks". So as far as I know, there is no policy.



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Ok here is the skinny on NWA's


They are administered by the Canadian Wildlife Service under the Canadian Wildlife Act (with exception of CFB Suffield NWA that is administered by the DND. One would have to go on the net to see what is in the act or contact the CWS through Enviroment Canada for further information. Hope this helps.



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I found the Wildlife Area Regulations here: Canada Wildlife Act - Wildlife Area Regulations




3. (1) Subject to subsection (2), no person shall, in any wildlife area,


(a) hunt or fish,


(:P be in possession of any firearm, slingshot, bow and arrow, shot other than non-toxic shot or any instrument that could be used for the purpose of hunting,


(b.1) be in possession of, while fishing, any lead sinkers or lead jigs that weigh less than 50 grams,


© have in his possession any animal, carcass, nest, egg or a part of any of those things,


(d) damage, destroy or remove a plant,


(e) carry on any agricultural activity, graze livestock or harvest any natural or cultivated crop,


(f) allow any domestic animal to run at large,


(g) swim, picnic, camp or carry on any other recreational activity or light or maintain a fire,


(h) operate a conveyance,


(i) destroy or molest animals or carcasses, nests or eggs thereof,


(j) remove, deface, damage or destroy any artifact, natural object, building, fence, poster, sign or other structure,


(k) carry on any commercial or industrial activity,


(l) disturb or remove any soil, sand, gravel or other material, or


(m) dump or deposit any rubbish, waste material or substance that would degrade or alter the quality of the environment,


unless he does so under and in accordance with a permit issued by the Minister pursuant to section 4.


(2) Where the Minister has published a notice in a local newspaper or posted a notice at the entrance of any wildlife area or on the boundary of any part thereof permitting an activity described in subsection (1), any person may carry on the activity described in the notice if the activity is carried on in accordance with the notice.



Doesn't look geocaching friendly at all. Guess I'll have to rethink my idea for a cache placement.

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