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2007 Jeep Geocaching Challenge

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We got our Jeep today. Illinois. We are holding out until July 1st to start. We did log it as discovered and are hoping to have a picture up soon. We have an exstensive caching family so we are going to make sure it makes a few stops before it is left to the wolves that seem to be out there ready to steal it. We did do a little work on it. The chain it comes with is crazy long. We steamlined it so it would be more compact. It was shipped on the 23rd and arrived today. Interestingly enough it has a return address of Groundspeak in Seattle but was shipped from 84403 in Ogden, UT. I've never had mail from Utah get to Illinois that fast.

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Got ours and it looks like it has been activated.

"Little Nelchina River (AK)" Red Jeep Travel Bug

It's named after a river in Alaska! Oh, the humanity!




I've enjoyed the earnest and well-spoken comments from our fellow non-contiguous American cachers located in Hawaii. I good-naturedly poked fun at Jeep last year for leaving Alaska and Hawaii off the list, but I'm the first to say I really appreciate Jeep's BIG support for Geocaching!

As for the first photo I saw of an RJTB - gee, it looks like that big top-end Jeep that motor industry magazines are whispering about seeing its last production year in 2008... the one that hasn't penetrated the upscale SUV market well, but has instead stolen most of its buyers from the Grand Cherokee owners list. Now there's a story that's going to be interesting to follow this year! Perhaps the RJTB can do for it what the GJTB did for the 4-door Jeep - make it a top-seller.


Of course there's going to be RJTBs out there with Alaska river names; the Great Land's awash in rivers! And yes, there will be Red Jeep TBs that make their way to Alaska, despite the initial distribution list. Jeeps love Alaska - so they'll come. Besides, Alaskans travel extensively and I'm sure they'll haul a Red Jeep TB or two back this way when they come home... and we'll show those Jeeps a good time here on the Last Frontier!

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I was so excited about getting my Red Jeep TB in the mail today, that I took pictures right on the mailbox. :o The Red Jeep is about the same size as the Green Jeep was.





I also got my yellow THX4TC JEEP Geocoin at the same time, I thought that was pretty funny.






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"Chisana River (AK)" Red Jeep Travel Bug will start its travels in SE Kansas.


I thought it was cool to hear that one is named Elk River MN. My home town is Elk River, MN. It is where the Elk flows into the Mississippi about 50 miles north of Minneapolis. Not sure what they mean by South Fork though. I will have to look that one up and see if there is more than one Elk River in MN.

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"Ivishak River (AK)" Red Jeep Travel Bug will begin its travels in a cache near my home in Chesapeake Virginia. I am waiting to get a look at the contest rules on 1 July before I release it. I will keep the promise to let it go before 2 weeks passes. In the meantime, I will keep it with my Silver Jeep TB. 811cd517-ad55-498c-85f7-23ad7226b12d.jpg


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WoooHoooooo, got mine in the mail yesterday and it is named for:


West Fork Deep River and is located in North Carolina, USA


It is starting out it's travels from Spring Valley, CA; ohhhh and the BiPed is PO'd {Not Poisen Oaked} I got mine and he hasn't got one yet! I love the water so it is appropiate I received one from a water obstacle, thank you JEEP, will be dropping it off on or about the 1st!

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I got mine today too!!!!!! Whoohoo!!! This is only the second one I have ever seen. I did have a green one last fall and submitted a picture for the contest but heard nothing. That was the only one within 100 miles of me that I am aware of. Maybe this one will stay local for awhile? :rolleyes: Now I want to create a new cache to put it in but what and where is the dilema?


At least you have seen a real Green Jeep TB. I've seen a total of 1 Yellow Jeep TB, 3 White Jeep TBs, no real Green Jeep TBs, although I've seen 1 Green FEEP TB.


W00T! GO LITTLE RED JEEP TBs. Be free and travel the WORLD!


I'll gladly find and mail a green Jeep to you if you would like, there is one currently resting in a cache about five miles from here, unless someone beats me to it. Just say the word.


Was really hoping to see a Red Jeep when I got home, but nothing yet.


Went ahead and picked up the Green Jeep, still waiting to hear if you want me to send it.

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Got ours yesterday in Kansas City, MO not activated though, no activation information came, just in envelope by itself , nothing else.


All you should have to do is enter the tracking number on the tag in the "Enter the Geocoin or Travel Bug tracking number:" section. Dont use the activate area. Then use the drop down menu and "grab it" Hope that helps.

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