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Can I reuse a waypoint code?

Big Belle

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I created a cache listing, but when I checked on the container it didn't hold up to the waterproof conditions required at the location. I temporarily disabled this. So my question is: If no one has logged a find or any logs for that matter, can I reuse this listing for another spot? 'or' Should I permanently archive this?


I used the 'post reviewer note' thing, but not sure if they'll actually get the question.



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Normally you shouldn't, but since there have been no logs then I don't see why not.


If the move is under 528 feet you can change the coordinates yourself. If it's over 528 feet you need to ask a reviewer to do it.


If it's the latter it might be easier just to submit a new cache and archive the old.

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I'll add that reviewer notes are not forwarded to reviewers. They have 2 special properties, they can only be posted to a cache by a site admin or the cache owner, and they're automatically archived when the cache is published.


Post publication, it's just another note on the cache page. You should likely email the reviewer through his/her profile.

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