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Explorist 210 Bundle

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i am selling an explorist 210 bundle i bought a year ago from REI i upgraded to the 60cx (Not much of an upgrade if you ask me) but it still is. I am selling the unit and rest of the stuff (GPS, case, mapsend topo 3d usa, car cable, pc cable, mapsend lite, and 210 cd with geocache manager) for $150 shipping negotiable. pm me if interested it is hard to post pics here (i dont know how to get a jpeg on here) but if you help me i will. otherwise i will email you copies at your request. cant find package though.


heres a rough idea of what the unit and stuff will look like REI.com

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Actually, with the Topo 3D map software it isn't a bad price.


But the 210 is one of Magellan's less capable models (not rechargeable, memory not expandable) and that makes it bit less attractive. In particular, the map software works, but is less useful because of the memory limits. The software might be more useful to someone who has 400/500/600 series.


You'd probably have more luck splitting it up, either here or on eBay. The last couple of Explorist 210s on eBay went for right around $100, and MapSend Topo 3D usually goes for between $30-$40.

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you can get about 2/3 of the state of Minnesota in the unit if thats enough for you.
I'd really prefer a unit that can load all of Oregon and Washington in one go. But I could segment them, I guess...


- What firmware version is the 210?


- What version of Mapsend Topo 3D?


- Is the software delivered on CD or DVD? Is it on the factory-supplied media in original packaging, or copied disks?

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