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81 orders with multiple coins ordered.

Ok, so is the "number of pre-orders" we're attempting to guess supposed to mean the number of orders, or the number of coins? :(:laughing:

Pre-sales mean orders taken and PAID FOR


:laughing: I intepreted it as the # of orders, not coins???? :laughing:

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b]Guess the number of pre-orders for the black nickel version![/b].........


......you are allowed 1 guess as to how many Black Nickel versions will be sold during the pre-sale when that time comes (soon).


(any discrepancies or issues will be decided by me)


Actually this does seem say 2 different things. One says to guess the number of pre-orders and one says how many of the BN version will be sold. 50 people could order 500 coins total. So there could be 2 answers.


However the pasta deity does indicate that all discrepancies will be decided by him - uh her - uhm those up high on Mt. Olympus. So whichever way the noodle rules so goes the contest. :(

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When will we be able to pre-order them?? oooohhhh I hope I didn't miss something!


My guess is 442.


Ambrosia, Pre-ordering is the only way to get the Black one...but the pre-sales haven't started yet.

Ah, thanks. The way it was worded made me think that the orders were already in and I missed it! :laughing::(:laughing:

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I bought a 300 pack of eyes... :laughing: (it's all that I could find)....so I will have some spares as well. What else am I gonna do with these things? :(


The Truly Unpleasant here...


I HIGHLY recommend adding the googly eyes to the family picture you mail in your Christmas cards. I did that one year to a formal picture of us that I included in cards and man, did I get some great comments back.


There are LOTS AND LOTS of used for googly eyes. Glue them to the boiled egg in your kids lunch. Glue them to your credit card bill when you mail the payment in...sure it balls up the works on their end but if you gotta send them money someone ought to have to put up with you.


The uses for googly eyes is unlimited. I have a stash of various sizes! Poor Mr. Shop99er... see what he has to put up with!?

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