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iPhone GPS?

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Does anyone know if the iPhone has what it takes to be a GPS?


No. The iPhone does not know where it is on the earth. You can use google maps on it to have it give you driving directions, but requires you to tap the screen to go from one step to another on your route. Logging your finds on the iPhone could be useful, but using AT&T's cellular network for internet is painfully slow (notice it is never shown in the ads). I think the iPhones usefulness for caching is limited at best. I'd stick with a handheld GPS and a Palm.

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From what I can tell, the iphone's usefulness is limited for anything. Lots of hype, not much substance.
You're right.


Integrated cell phone, music & video player, internet/email appliance -- to someone who doesn't want, need, or can't afford to buy these things, it would be useless.


Furthermore -- for Geocaching, the main piece of gear is a GPS. As the iPhone isn't a GPS, its usefulness for caching is limited. Zip, zero, nada!


Um, well, except maybe for the cacher who wants to check the Geocaching website and log finds from the field. Or phone home to let his wife know he'll be a bit late, took a bit long to find that last cache. Or listen to music while hiking back to the car. Or check the weather and traffic for the drive back.


Even if you WANTED to do such things, there are LOTS of gadgets beside the iPhone you could carry to do all of them. You might need Batman's utility belt to carry them all - or at least a small fanny pack - but you COULD if you wanted to.


Okay, so SOME people might find it useful. But not me, no sir! I want a GPS. And a coffee maker. The iPhone isn't either of those things, so all that other stuff is just hype!

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From what I can tell, the iphone's usefulness is limited for anything. Lots of hype, not much substance.


I believe that the iPhone's visual voice mail is huge. I can't afford an iPhone, but it seems that almost everything about the iPhone has corrected every drawback from regular phones. And this is just the first generation. Look how far the iPod has come since October 2001.

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