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Travel Alberta insert

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So, our local paper here in Nanaimo, the Daily News, had a glossy insert from Travel Alberta called 'Family Fun 2007'. Inside along with the usual touristy things was an article on Geocaching called 'Hi-tech treasure hunting'

Obviously some provinces see a link to geocaching and spending money.

Anyone else see the insert?

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we live in abbotsford and our local paper had the same insert. what a great idea, and nice to see they are promoting something else families can do while on vacation that doesn't cost alot of money. it would be nice if our province would do something like that!!!!!

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When we read it, our understanding was that the cache containers this group is hiding and promoting are not being listed on gc.com. Chris (as Director of the BCGA) sent them a note asking for more information and that was when it was confirmed that they are creating their own listing system for these caches. Their is a space on their pdf for a a geocache listing number, so perhaps there's the potential for them to be listed on gc.com at a later date if they meet the review process rules.


The Travel Alberta article covers this groups offerings, GAS, geocaching.com and a contest link to win a gps.

Travel Alberta Article


From the link on the online Travel Alberta article to "Geotourism of the Peace Society" we find a site called "Geotourism Canada". Geotourism Canada


It looks like they are promoting visiting the Peace Region by way of hiding metal cache containers at sites that are related to history and natural history. These caches contain stickers for your field guide and coupons for businesses. The 'caches' they list are all in and around Dunvegan, though they say they have a database of 1000 significant sites which are supposedly forthcoming.

How to find their caches


If you're a geocacher and visit 24 locations they're offering an 11x17 poster.


The Peace country is beautiful and deserves a visit. As geocachers who use and support geocaching.com, we'd like a smilie when we visit caches during our holidays and to be able to cross off another province on our map. Also, the convenience of Pocket Queries, Route Queries and this discussion board make trip planning a breeze. Additionally, we like to visit caches hid by cachers whose names we see on geocaching.com. Some folks travel to cache in Victoria and we are truly gleeful when we see your names in our log books! When we travel we often choose to log caches hidden by people we 'know' too.


The BCGA is in discussions with BC Parks and Tourism BC/Victoria. They are going to be updating their websites and including some information on geocaching - but all these things take time.



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