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What do you Drive for Caching

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Welp,when I'm at home I've got my truck,a 1986 Chevy 3/4ton pickup(4inch lift,35's,),or the work truck,a 74 Chevy 1 ton flatbed.Probably going to get a little Taco pickup(2000-03?) so I have something to drive while I'm pimpin' out the '86 with a diesel,new self made bumper,and better front axle and tranny.

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OH Yeah! You may laugh at my car...But I love it! It is my favorite car ever! It is a 1982 VW Diesel Jetta and it runs on Bio :D

This baby gets 50 Mpg and has takin me to the craziest places! It is such a work horse and will not let me down! Its so light that if I do get stuck, we just push it and with more than 2 guys, we can lift the thing outa any ruts we may get stuck in. The ground clearance is great for a little car and she just keeps on goin!


I also enjoy a good cache by bike! although I dont get to cache by bike nearly enough!



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2002 Linciln LS which means I walk a lot more than many of you. I will not even drive over a muddy road (don't know what is under that mud) much less off road. If the cache page says anything about rough road I start looking for a place to park and walk in. I could choose my F350 dually powerstroke but it is not good off road either all that means is that I have 4 tires spinning and digging in instead of 2 and less weight per tire.

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