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"Without a Trace" Case: Coin "Sigmund Freud"

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Am 27.05.07 ist die Coin TB19PP4 (Sigmund Freud) ins Cache "Thüringer Pforte" (GC12J77) gelegt worden.


Am 02.06.07 wurde der Cache wieder gefunden, aber die Coin war nicht mehr da.


Wo ist die Coin????????


On 27th May 2007 the coin TB19PP4 (Sigmund Freud) was layed in the Cache GC12J77 (Thüringer Pforte).


The Cache was found again on the 2nd June 2007, but the Coin was not there.


Where is the Coin??????????????

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The only thing you can do is to check the Cache log book, to see if anyone was there, and try to contact them. Its been almost a month, but Ive got coins that I know where they are, but the grabber never logged em. And it was 6-8 coins in all!!! I know they didnt take em to keep em, but still not logged! :ph34r:


I waitin for them to show up...otherwise you mark it as "Location Unknown" (so it isnt on the cache page inventory).

Coins come up gone, for multiple reasons.-(My opinion is mostly by newbies) at least I hope so!!!

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Welcome to the anxieties and worries of a Mother Hen style traveling coin owner. This will happen from time to time. People may forget to log it out of the cache, they may be new and not know how to do it, or they are the lurking style geocachers (can they be called geocachers then?) who don't log their finds nor post them and take stuff out of caches to keep for themselves. OR it may have been taken by someone who is travelling and won't get to log their cache finds until they get home.

Good luck and patience in tracking down your coin.

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I'd try the german-speaking forum. Do you think anybody over here knows about the whereabout of your coin? ;)


Servus, versuch's vielleicht besser mal im deutschsprachigen Forum. Ich glaube nicht, dass hier jemand über das Verbleiben Deiner Coin Bescheid weiß.

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