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GSAK and Gmail

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It stopped working for me once I had about 450 mails in my gmail account. If I purged a few mails it would then work for a while, then stop again. The GSAK support forum was helpful but didn't fix it. It seems to be some limitation on POP3 access to Gmail.


Now I just download the attachments manually from the Web mail page and use "Load GPX/LOC". This isn't too much hassle in Firefox because you can set it up to do it with a single click and no prompting.

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Had a problem last week where Gmail kept timimng out. However, if I closed the computer down and rebooted, it seemed to work. Did this on 3 seperate occasions before everything went back to normal.


Initially, I put it down to an anomaly with my computer. Obviously not!


All is AOK now though.

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Slightly OT - but I usually monitor my email accounts with ePrompter and it has recently stopped working with Gmail, so maybe something has been changed.
A quick description of ePrompter would assist those of us who have no idea what it is.

ePrompter - it checks email on umpteen accounts, and lets you reply, delete spam and so on without needing to use your email program.

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