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palm tx with gps

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Cachemate is a great program for your Palm, and GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife) works great to massage the data and Export for your mapping software and Cachemate, and send the waypoints to your GPSr.


If you use the TX for Geocaching, remember those delicate electronic devices might not be up to the rigors of caching if you like to find caches where you have to hike. I have dropped my Garmin Vista C many times and it still works fine. It is also weatherproof, which the TX is not . . . ;)

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I have a Palm TX, and I've been very happy with Cachemate and GSAK, too. It's great to have all of those details along without messing with paper all the time. Plus with the WiFI capabilities, it's nice to be able to stop at a hotspot and look up more current information if need be, also!

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I use the Garmin GPS10x (bluetooth-SirfIII) with the T|X, Garmin MobileXT mapping (uses same maps as MY Etrex CX), cachemate on the palm, and GSAK on the PC.

ok i understand what to us ,but i use easy gps now on my garmin , so with the new palmtx i need to use gsak , and cachemate ?

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