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Hiking in Yellostone

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We're going to be in Yellowstone in early September (after Labor Day). We haven't been there before, and we're looking for day hikes. We are staying in Grant Village, but most of the nearby hikes seem to be lake loops, and we're looking for something with a little more vertical.


If we were to do just one 3-6 mile day hike of moderate difficulty, which one should it be? What would be considered Yellowstone's 'signature' hikes? Thanks!

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For the benefit of anyone researching this thread later, here are some of the top-rated day hikes with 3-6 mi. and moderate difficulty, from Trails.com:


--Mount Washburn

--Avalanche Peak

--Fairy Falls and Imperial Geyser

--Mystic Falls


We can't decide which ones to do, so we'll probably do 'em all!

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If you are still interested.


Avalanche Peak...good and steep. Petrified Forest(along the road in Lamar Valley)....good and steep, about a dozen petrified trees. Last I was up there one was about 8' dia. Rabbit Creek....hot pools. Up White Creek (by Great Fountain).....hot pools. Along the firehole upstream from Ojo Caliente hot pool.....hot pools and some of the best mudpots in the park. Fairy falls is better than Mystic. Trail to Queens Laundry has good meadows and strange hot pools. DeLacy creek trailhead to Shoshone Lake. Seven Mile hole, grand canyon of the Yellowstone. Lone Star Geyser.

Try here: http://www.yellowstone.net/forums/

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Let me add another reply to my own thread!


We're about to go, and we decided on two hikes. The first is Mystic Falls, a short three-mile loop with moderate elevation. The second hike is in the 'Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone'. It's a large canyon with two sets of falls at its head. There are trails on the north and south side of the canyon near the falls.


I found both trails on Garmin's US National Parks Topos.

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