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Odd. I had been to the page before and looking for it now I can't find it anymore. The link that says go 'here to pay with paypal and get discounted shipping' takes you right to the normal order page. I was hoping to order some travel bugs like this as well.

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Well at least I know it's not just me! But I guess that doesn't solve the problem. Paying more than double the cost of the travel bug for shipping along seems crazy. Anybody have any solutions??


Maybe there should be a cheaper option for shipping: Drop into nearest cache with directions to carry TB to cache closest to purchaser.

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Different vendors have different shipping charges. As far as I know, very vendor will charge for the postage, packing materails and time. And, postage might not be cheap - especially since the post office changed rates. Geoswag isn't too bad, and if you shop around you might be able to do even better.


You might want to pick up more than one TB dog tag. It's fun to watch your TB travel, but they do tend to dissappear over time. It's frustrating when that happens - especially if you only have one or two oout. If you have a few out, your odds of watching your bugs travel for a while go up. I don't say this to discourage you - Including geocoins, I've released over 200 TBs, and I enjoy following their travels - you just have to enjoy the ones that move and be ready to move on if they don't.

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My tadpoles (7 & 13) and I are going to Chincoteague Island, Virginia to watch the ponies swim across the bay in July with my parents. We thought about each releasing a tb and see which one can get back to TX first. Not quite sure if we're going to do it, but it was a thought. We also have a couple of other ideas for TB's as well that we might release on the way. So I'm looking at buying several tags. Thanks for the info.

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I apologize for any confusion. Can you send me the link to the page that mentions PayPal? Due to the labor intensive processes involved, we are no longer offering PayPal as a commerce solution for Travel Bugs.



Groundspeak, Inc.


That was the response I got so I guess I'll be looking around to purchase elsewhere. Maybe the link left above. I just bought four ammo cans and I'm thinking one bug each.

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