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My next coin - after many months in the planning


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I really don't want to make this any easier, so I will not add any pictures at this time. I will however repost my post and pictures just incase new people are joining in.


I started this project on February 24, 2007. It was interupted by the mamoth project now known as GeoTags. I have gotten back to this now, after 2 coins have been released with similar ideas. I couldn't wait any longer and had to let you know about it. I don't want to put a picture out there until I have the coin in hand so I though I would try this.


Anyone who can tell me exactly what my next coin project is will recieve an XLE metal for free. By exactly I mean such, I will be strict on this.


The image below has two different portions of the coin artwork.




I am sure having fun reading this. Only one is anywhere close...and by anywhere I mean in the same class. :lol:


With your guesses you don't have a wing or a prayer of getting this right. :blink:

A hint, I gave you 2 pictures and another hint if you were paying attention to my posts. :D

Now with all that said I gave you another, so that makes a total of 4 now, how many do you really need, this is a 5 rated puzzle thread in my eyes.

That last one was just to throw you a curve, lets see who can get it now.


The picture is not of an eye but most creatures would think so. The second picture is to make the guessing more difficult and specific. One guess is in the family but not quite good enough for the prize being offered. That would be like getting one set of coordinates of a puzzle cache and saying I solved it.


BTW this is not the correct guess but may still win a prize....

Is this it?...Looks like I might have a wing and a prayer! :D



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BTW this is not the correct guess but may still win a prize....

I got the idea from Byrnedfish after the "same class" hint and then the wing and a prayer thing...Oh and the eye thing too.


Boy Im stumped, but the cool thing is that you started this project on my Birthday! Feb 24th!...So that otta give me some Birthday JU-JU or somethin :angry:


Im Guessin...

A Moth and a Cross...But those little streaks on that Tetris block throw everything a whack! :blink::lol::D

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Emperor Moth:

The cocoons of pupae are sometimes collected and used as rattles on legs and arms by African tribes in traditional dress. So maybe its a design or symbol, then the Moth or Butterfly???


Tell me thats not that Rotten Egg...Over Easy on his wing???? :D:lol::angry:

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I can see that with the clue "with these guesses you don't have a wing and a prayer," that I am the only one who thinks that the picture is of something that doesn't have wings. At any rate, here are my new guesses....

Colorado River Toad

Canadian Toad

Bufo (Cane) Toad


According to my husband I have been known to be wrong once or twice...... a day! :lol:

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Ocellated rays camouflage their eyes (and their bodies) using tan spots encircled with dark brown rings.


Epaulette sharks have large fake eyes on their backs, while their true eyes are much smaller and less noticeable, up near their head.


Butterfly fish have fake eyes at the base of their tail and dark stripes covering their true eyes.



Many butterflies have large eye spots on their wings, which distract from their real eyes and make them appear bigger than they really are.


The cardinal fish has thick black stripes running down its body, including a black stripe that runs right over its eye, effectively hiding it.


Peacocks are well-known for their many beautiful "eye" feathers.

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We have it narrowed down to fish of butterlies it looks like. Moving in the right direction. I wish I could show you the back, but the color fromt he mint is just not right in the artwork.


Will be placing order with mint for mold in the next couple of days hope someone gets it by then.

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Wait a minute. If the coloring on the back is wrong, is it so wrong that it will make it difficult for us to guess? Maybe if we knew how the coloring is suposed to be on the back it would help. Maybe, maybe not.


The color in the artwork is numbered correctly but the color it self doesn't look right. that is why neither picture is of the back of the coin. To help a bit, the color on the back should be close to the color in this icon14.gif.


OK, I said too much now. Will end with, I like the specific answer here, but it is not right.


ok, im guessing the top is a owl butterfly,

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Arthropoda

Class: Insecta

Order: Lepidoptera

(unranked) Rhopalocera

Superfamily: Papilionoidea

Family: Nymphalidae

Subfamily: Morphinae

Tribe: Brassolini

Genus: Caligo


still working on the bottom


After all this I think I will make a cache with the only clue as those 2 pictures, that would be fun. Start working on it later today. :lol:

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