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Is this a typo or do I keep looking.......

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Station KR0137 in Nevada. The Datasheet says it should be stamped as: 86.75 0.270+06.58, but the mark appears to be stamped as 86.73 0270+06.58. I can see where that 3 could have been taken down as a 5 "back at the office".


The station I found is in the correct area and the measurements are good from the culvert wing wall (this is the only culvert along this stretch of road with a N-S wing wall) and highway centerlines. By good I mean within a foot for the centerlines and about four inches from the wing wall end.


I'm 99.99% sure I have the correct one.....just looking for some input from the pros (or at least very experience amatures :ph34r: ).


Thanks in advance....Chris

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It sounds as if you have located the correct mark. Often, the stamping is worn or not clear, or one number or letter looks like another. 5s, 3s, and 8s often wear so that they look like one of the others. You have said that the mark is in the correct location and the measurements are very close. Your picture indicates that the wear is about what you would expect for a mark set in that time period.

The only time you need to really question your find when all else checks out is if you see the word RESET on the mark, which means the original mark has been replaced. Happy hunting!

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There is a "5" in the second line to compare and, assuming they wear the same, I'm sure the number in question is a "3". I guess a better question would have been how do I submit the log for this one? Say nothing, say "the mark is worn and resembles...." or the "stamping actually reads..."?


I have found transposition errors and other typos in datasheets before, we're human. I would like to clarify an issue and not add to it if possible.


Edit: Concrete age is hard to judge, at least for me. There is very little to weather except for the sun, so some look almost brand new but will have a BM or other marking showing it to be from 30's. The old metal corrugated pipe leads me to believe this is the original culvert. Thanks again.

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