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Garmin Nuvi and StreetPilot

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I'm looking for an automobile navigator. My wife and I use a 60CSX for hiking and geocaching, but we want a larger screen and voice directions for automobile navigation.


I'm scratching my head over the fact that Garmin has two lines (Nuvi and StreetPilot), with a number of models in each line. Here is what I'm trying to figure out:

  • What are the differences between the Garmin Nuvi and StreetPilot lines? Which is better for automobile navigation? Why?
  • The Nuvi 350 seems to be the most popular model. Is this the best model? Why?


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There are many models in each line, so a comparison is going to be hard.


Nuvi and the 5xx streetpilots tend to be similarish.


If you're, say, a motorcyclist, Nuvi isn't in the game - it's not waterproof.


If you need currency conversion in your shirtpocket (perhaps you're a business traveller) SP isn't for you.


The higher end SPs tend to have things like multi-point routing with order optimization that aren't available in Nuvis.


We could go on in general terms, but since the matrix is so large it'd be helpfu if you can narrow it down with either what specific models you're looking at or what features you consider "must have"s so we can guide you.

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