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New cache page design?

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What do people think of the new cache page design? Personally I think it's much improved but am not too keen on the fact they've now cut out the size of the container from text format. I've emailed Groundspeak to request that they return this but they've recommended asking what others would like (hence the forum).


When searching for possible caches to do, I copy the important elements of the cache page straight into a Word document. Thus having the container size in text format makes it alot easier to paste and quick to see when out and about.


Would people agree and what other enhancements would you like to see?

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One thing I've been thinking that the location/map box is way too large. One that could bring the size down is to move all the buttons from it into the toolboxes on the right.


This way the layout could be quite clear in a sence that in the central main area there is only information directly related to the description of an individual cache. And in the sidebar on the right would be the various tools to navigate, log, print, download etc.


With this in mind the attributes should then be moved into the central main area.

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I agree about having the container size written out. :)


I'm glad they changed the text in the line above the description. I still think it is a bit redundant, since the cache owner's name is at the top . . . :(


Watching all of this happen, as it has been happening, has been very interesting. I think it is finally coming together nicely. thumbsup.gif

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I like the new layout, the font is clean and easy to read for old eyes. The maps are useless.


For me, the new maps are useless as well. I'm talking about the ones that you see on the cache page before clicking on them. The new one at top is zoomed out too far with the other down the page zoomed in too close. The old style that was about midway down the page before was set up about right and made it easy to see the general area of where the cache was located.


I also hope that we end up being able to choose which map site comes up when we click on these maps. I liked Mapquest since it loaded up quick and was easy to use!

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I wouldn't mind it in text, also, but it does show up in GSAK so it isn't that big of a deal for me.


For me, the new maps are useless as well. I'm talking about the ones that you see on the cache page before clicking on them.

Dude. Try clicking on the top map on the geocache page. It opens up into a very nicely detailed version.

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