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Montreal Geocoin 2007


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Hi everyone! After being restricted to Quebec geocachers for the past two months, the 2007 Montreal geocoin is now being offered to all geocachers worldwide!



On the front is a 3D image of the Olympic Stadium, one of Montreal’s most famous landmarks which, incidentally, has become one of the city’s best urban geocaching playgrounds. The back has a 2D image of the Montreal flag, with its red heraldic cross and four floral emblems which honour the city’s four founding nations: France, England, Scotland and Ireland.


Technical information:

Made by: Personal Geocoins, check them out at http://www.personalgeocoins.com.

Quantity made: 100 antique gold, 70 antique silver, 70 antique copper and 10 limited-edition (these are not for sale)

Size: 45 mm

Thickness: 3.5 mm

Trackable at geocaching.com: yes

Icon: yes, posted online at http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y93/Mpenz...emat32final.gif.



Antique gold: http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y93/Mpenz...antiquegold.jpg.

Antique silver and copper (front): http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y93/Mpenz...per-silver1.jpg.

Antique silver and copper (back): http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y93/Mpenz...per-silver2.jpg.



$10 for one geocoin

$19 for a combo (antique gold & antique silver or antique gold & antique bronze)

$28 for a complete set (antique gold, antique silver & antique copper)

Please understand that to ensure everyone has a chance of getting this geocoin, there is a three-geocoin limit per buyer.



Canada: $2 for one coin, $3 for two coins and $3.50 for three coins.

United States: $3 for one coin, $4 for two coins and $5 for three coins.

Rest of the world: $4 for one coin, $5 for two coins and $6 for three coins.


All prices are in Canadian dollars. Our accepted payment methods are PayPal and Canada Post money orders. Please send your reservations and questions at brazwhazz@videotron.ca.



RSCL and the Chibico team

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Nice looking coin, eh!


Thanks kealia and everyone else who has written to me since Friday night!


Yesterday was a hectic day :blink: , but today I finally had time to answer all your messages. If anyone out there hasn't received an answer to a message they sent me, please try contacting me again.

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Hello everyone,


Sorry about the delay in sending some PayPal invoices: as much as I love receiving other people's money :blink: , I only now just had time to reply to the messages we received yesterday and today. As of right now everyone should have received an answer. In fact, some geocoins have already been mailed, and by tomorrow, all orders that were paid through Sunday should be on their way!


Very nice design! I'm a bit surprised Olympic Statdium was chosen for one side of the coin though.


Why are you surprised 9Key?

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Super nice coin I have my trio and they are very very nice... wow




Thanks Yves! I can't wait to see your own Quebec 1608-2008 geocoins. :D


I have them in hand now so all of pre-order will be in the mail friday...


Yves VE2YZZ one of the geocoin creater tha has be band from geocaching quebec forum... THIS IS CRAZY :lol:

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Nice looking coins - I so want to send an email, but I am so over my coin budget... ;) Will have to have a think about it...


Coin BUDGET? I really need to get one of these....*sigh*




Where can we get these geocoin budgets? :anibad:


Well actually - thats half the problem... no real budget.... just the knowledge that I've spent way too much and that at some stage I have to account for that ;)


The other half of the problem is that too many people are producing coins that are just way too nice!!!


Really, just can't win!!

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