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Curse of the Pirates Treasure

Mr & Mrs Loggerhead

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Curse of the Pirates Treasure Geocoin has been ordered and should arrive in a few weeks. The samples look great as the photos don't do them justice. Coins are 2" in diameter and features 3-d on on side.


It was out on hold late last year but now it's a reality.


Go to our website to check them out and reserve yours now. No money due until coins are here! Combine orders with fellow geocachers to save on shipping.


Mr & Mrs Loggerhead

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I got mine yesterday in antique gold. It seemed like a long time coming, but well worth the wait. This is a HUGE coin. Very well done. The quality exceeded my expectations. Thank you for producing this coin. I wish I were closer so I could look for these caches. What a great idea. ^_^

I received mine today - those MOFOs are huge!



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No one else noticed the typo in the word "treasure"?


I haven't actually seen the coins other than the pics on the website, but...

Is it the same one that is in the word "curse"? :tired:


If so, then I think it's the font used that replaces the "u" with a "v".


Actually it was very common practice for typestyles used during the pirate times! :huh:


Some versions of the Old English font have this same "problem" in the lower case versions as well.


D-man :D

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