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Losing satellite reception in the woods


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I have a Garmin GPS72 that I got for free about three years ago. It works fine in broad daylight, but tends to be very inaccurate in the shade of the woods if it gets a signal at all. Should I expect significantly better reception if I upgrade to a newer, somewhat higher end model (e.g. eTrex Venture CX)?



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Check to see if the unit you are considering contains the SIRF III chipset. I had a Garmin eTrex Vista Cx (which does not have the chipset), and I had constant reception problems in the woods. I upgraded to the Garmin 60 Csx, and now I have virtually no problems in the woods.


Rumor has it that Garmin is preparing to upgrade the eTrex line with 'enhanced sensitivity' chipsets other than the SIRF III. So there may be other options to improve your reception. But if you can, borrow the model you are considering from a friend (or go out with them) and try it in the woods.

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