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Must do caches for the MWGBashers

The Herd

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I have gotten several emails from those traveling to MWGB this year, asking what I would recommend for local "must do" caches. Thought it might be a good idea to have a thread for us locals to post our favorite nearby caches. When you post, please include a short note explaining what made you pick this cache/why you like it.


I'll start with this one:


Purdue Wildlife Practicum


This is a nice hike, a little under 2 miles round trip, near several ponds. Some beautiful birds here, and other critters are often spotted. Cache is a LARGE ammo can, and very well stocked. Make sure you bring bug spray, and research this one before you leave the house, as you need internet access to find the location. There are PLENTY of other caches in the area too, so it could make for a good run.


I would also recommend this one:


Pop Goes The Bluegill


A cache dedicated to a local legend. Fun stages to this one, nice locations!




I really don't intend this thread to become a battle of opinions. Please do not turn this into an argument thread about which ones are better. Remember, everyone's opinions as to what makes a good cache is different, and please respect that.

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All the caches in Pokagon State Park, for varying reasons.


Second Nature: MUSHROOMS! I may be a bit biased about this one, but I really like it. :(

Seriously, it's a decent sized ammocan, and it's a great one to take newbies and kids to. Not a difficult hike, by any means, and a Powered Wheelchair is available for borrowage from the Nature Center.


The Great Pokagon Legacy Multi Cache. This is a GREAT cache if you're into learning about the history of the place. This cache takes you all OVER the park, and each site is another significant location in the park's history.


Liquidambar styraciflua stectum is a good, rather eeeeevil hide for them what likes difficult microhides.


The Pokagon Natural Legacy Cache takes you to some of the most scenic areas of the park...and it has the advantage of enabling you to double-up on your caching. There are Earthcaches along this route! Be sure to load 'em ALL up in your GPS before starting this one.


The Evil Green Menace teaches cachers something about tree identification, as well as highlighting the very real dangers to our forests from the Emerald Ash Borer.


Artesian highlights a lovely feature of the park, as well as being near an Earthcache.


Plus, there are 4 Earthcaches and 18 Waymarks in the park.


And I definitely second the "Purdue Wildlife Practicum" cache. That one is FABULOUS.

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Here are a couple of my favorites within 20 miles of MWGB.


Timber of the Possum

10 miles SW. Nice hike along the lake at Chain o Lakes SP, ammo can.


Rock'in Robin Reborn Again!

12 miles NW. Beautiful park in Amish country. Amazing new playground built last year.


In the Maple Woods

13 miles N. Another neat park. Ammo can, quirky naturalist here. Can be hard to get good GPS coverage though.


A Cache in Time

14 miles SE. Interesting place, neat cabin.


"X" Marks the Spot

20 miles SE. Fun bgf cache. Neat old Burr Oak in that field.


Indiana Serenity

21 miles N. Great overlook onto Lake Charles. Right next to Pokagon, ammo can!

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