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Grand Opening - GPS Adventures Maze


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The GPS Adventures Maze is a hands-on traveling exhibit that features GPS technology-its history, current uses and future possibilities; and simulates geocaching by leading visitors through a 2,500 square foot maze rich with interactive experiences.


Created by Groundspeak, Development Sponsor Trimble and Minotaur Maze Exhibits, the maze is designed to teach people of all ages about navigation, GPS technology and geocaching.


To learn more about the exhibit or attend the grand opening event: Event Cache Page

Event Date: 6/2/2007


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simulates geocaching by leading visitors through a 2,500 square foot maze rich with interactive experiences.


Does the maze take you 3 hours to get there through mud, bugs, and thorns, then take you back out to the car 50' down a nice paved bike trail? :(


I'm considering heading out for this, I just have to check what's going on that weekend before I commit.

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It was a neat event. Our daughter lives in Muncie (well, until next month when she graduates from BSU, anyway) so we knew it would be a three hour drive for us to go there, but I was curious about it not just because I cache, but also because I teach science. solarwib drove over from Evansville and we rode with him (that's another couple of hour drive time for him). I'm glad we decided to go. Thanks, Groundspeak, for having the grand opening in Indiana.


I'd been to the Minnetrista center before. I'd recommend a family trip to there any time--especially when they have cool events lined up (which is frequently). If you haven't already been there, go while the GPS Adventures Maze is still there.


The maze should do a lot to promote geocaching, gps use, and geospatial learning. I had a great time watching the children (the little ones and the supposedly grown ones, too) navigating their way around the maze. I noticed that everyone seemed to be enjoying it. Geocachers focused on slightly different things than non-geocachers did, but everyone seemed to find something to apprecate.


Plus it was great meeting the gc folks and some of the cachers whose names I knew from the cache logs, so I can have faces to put with those names now. And of course, it was a great excuse to get some caching done (as if I needed an excuse to cache).

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In case you haven't gone yet or would like to go again: there will be another event on July 20.


Doggone it! Why is it on a Friday?! OK, yeah, so the MWGB'ers can attend on their way up north. :P We'd love to attend the event, but have to work. Maybe we'll head over on Saturday instead. Thanks for the link.

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