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For my PQs, I check all the cache types, except "Unknown." I create a separate PQ for those and put those in their own database in GSAK since their coordinates are not where the cache is. Only after I have "Corrected Coordinates" for an Unknown cache do I move it to my Default database.


Then, I check to get the caches "I haven't found," "Don't own," and "Are Active."




Then I check the day, but I check "Uncheck the day of the week after the query runs" because I may not want that same PQ that day next week. I usually request my PQs only when I am preparing for a geocaching adventure, so I don't need PQs to run daily.



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Also look to make sure your e-mail is not thinking it is spam. Look in your junk folder.


my e-mails come back with no results found


So you're getting the e-mails, but with no results.


Make sure to do the preview function before wasting one of the PQs for the day.

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I'm having a similar issue. My first run I got nothing, and an email that said the same thing. Then I fixed the PQ, and re-ran it, this time with the 100 results I want. I can see them in the preview, but was expecting an emailed zip file with them. I have not received any email. Do I need to download them from the preview page, or should they be emailed automatically?


I added the geocaching domain to my allowed list and they are getting through our filter as I received the "no results" email from my first try.


Thanks for your help. New guy here!!



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Common problems:

Did you select a day of the week to run?

On the pocket query page, is the "Last Generated (PST)" for that query bold (that means it ran in the last 24 hours)?

Sometimes overzealous ISPs filter out the e-mails, even if you whitelist contact@geocaching.com (the source e-mail for PQs). Try sending the PQ to another address (Gmail seems to work very well).

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