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Wooden Nickel Signature Item

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I'm thinking of having some wooden nickels printed as a signature item. I contacted the vendor that seems to be the "big dog" in wooden nickels, and requested full color samples (not custom, just anything they had printed in full color), offered to pay for them, and received a response within a day stating that samples were no charge and that they would be sent right away. About ten days later, having received no samples, I sent a follow-up email to the vendor, asking to confirm that samples had been sent, again offering to pay for them. This email received no response. That was about 2 weeks ago.


I will not order without seeing samples, so I've come to the conclusion that this probably isn't the supplier to work with.


For those of you with signature wooden nickels (particularly full color ones), where did you buy them, and how do you rate the product and experience? I think I prefer those printed directly on the nickel, and not the printed to decal type. Opinions?



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I just received mine from geonickels.com and am very pleased. I did a lot of the design myself except for one graphic which they came up with for me. The owner's name is Mark and he was very helpful. Unfortunately I think that they are super busy and I know that he is on vacation for a couple of weeks at the moment, but it would be well worth the wait. The price was fair and can be found on the webpage along with many sample images. They are decals however, which you said you were not looking for. The quality is great though and each nickel comes in its own baggy. They will also incrementally number them for nothing if you ask. I'm very pleased and am sure I will be a repeat customer.

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We make our own. Ours are "jumbo" sized nickels at 2" in diameter and 1/4" in thickness.


Here's how it is done:


1) Order wooden 2" diameter wooden plugs online at a website like bearwoods.com (300 plugs = about $45)

2) Order a "seal" style stamp from a website like iprint.com (about $35 with custom lettering and uploaded graphic). Black works best.

3) Purchase round 1 3/4" Laser Avery labels - for best results use with a color laser.

4) Design the graphic for your labels and save in GIF or PGN format (minimal or no compression) then insert those in MS Word to the proper Avery boilerplate.

5) Print your lables.

6) Stamp the front with your seal stamp.

7) Apply label to the reverse.

8) You're done!


For our first 300, the per unit cost is about 26 cents per nickel. However, since you don't have to purchase a new stamp each time you order 300 plugs, the per nickel cost will decrease by about 3 cents with each additional batch of 300. I like doing it this way because I have complete creative control over the design that goes on the label. I've made "souvenir" nickels for my more challenging caches and one-of-a-kind FTF nickels as well. All told, with my first 300 nickels I've made 2 different "signature" nickels and nine different "specialty" nickels for caches or FTFs. Another advantage of using labels is that you can individually number each coin easily by superimposing a text box on the graphic.


Here's our 2007 edition:



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