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New York Hiking and Camping

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Are there any groups in the Western NY area.


I go hiking and/or camping often.


I'm new to geocaching.


I don't plan on doing much around town,

but I got hooked when I buddy introduced me during a trip to a local state park.


I'd to do more of these related to good hiking and camping spots.



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You can't beat the Adirondacks


Lovely area, but not Western New York.


Zoar Valley is a very cool area.


The North Country Trail aka Finger Lakes Trail cuts through much of Western New York.


High Tor in the Finger Lakes is great (a part of the NC Trail goes thru that).


Allegany State Park is very scenic and has lots of trails.


My impression is that this poster is looking for a group to go with. I know the ADK has an active club in Rochester.


Or are they looking for a Geocaching club? There are groups in Rochester and Buffalo who have regular meetings and coffee get-togethers. The group in the Town of Boston has things going on all the time it seems like.

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I live in Kenmore and am hiking every trail in Allegany State Park this summer. Lots of caches and the trails are very interesting (minus Summit area trails, they're more for cross country skiing). I also have an access pass due to veteran status, so it's cheap or free to go. They have some neat touristy areas too...Thunder Rocks, the "Bear Caves", beaver dams and guided nature walks to teach you about the area.


Letchworth is a good time. Our first day trip over there, we found ourselves hiking over a railroad bridge, only for a train to come while we were 3/4 over it. Train slowed down and we hopped on the outside to travel a bit faster. We had a scare when a friend down below texted "cops" to me. Turned out he was just there to keep people out of the water.


Brings me to my next point about Letchworth...there are a TON of rules. To the point where you have to go off the beaten trail to have excitement. IE: no swimming, silly quarter-operated binocular points... definitely not a good time unless you want to risk a wrist-slap from park police. When you find a great vista overlook but it's flooded with people, beer, dogs, fee-binoculars...you definitely want to get away from the touristy areas. It's not hard...most people there won't walk 15 minutes from their car.


The real fun in Letchworth is to be had by looking for great locations where you say "hey..let's go THERE" and finding your way over there sans trail. We spent an afternoon hiking down a valley on and off the trail to get down to a "rock beach" to rest...do a little swimming...walking up the other side and just exploring. Definitely want to bring a map, compass and GPS if you have one.

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I have 4 Hiking books in various parts of NY, they are 50 hikes in Central NY, 50 hikes in Western NY, 50 hikes in the Adirondacks, State Parks and Campgrounds in Northern New York, these were printed in the 90's, If anyone wants them pay the shipping and their yours.

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