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4 Extra Operation Spreading Sunshine Coins


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Greetings. glennk721 Operation Spreading Sunshine Goes International.


Please see this thread. glennk721 Operation Spreading Sunshine


With the help of 46 people I was able to place a traveling Geocoins in all but 4 States.


These 4 extra coins I have will be sent to the first 4 people that are out of the U.S.A that will post this thread to travel in this mission, contest, fun !


You must be willing to recieve a coin from me and place it in a cache after the 9th Of June, no sooner ! The contest will run untill the last day in September


You will be automaticaly entered into the race contest to win 2 of my GeoTags to come .


Let the International race begin. These coins will be renamed to Internantional travlers to Spread Sunshine


Glenn :P

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G'Day Glenn, It's good to see the sunshine spreading to the rest of the world. If you would like one released here in New Zealand I would be happy to (unless someone else from down this way gets in soon :tired: )


Mark (Elmo) :sad:


haha, just had a thought... if a coin comes down this way it will have a slight advantage as the 9th here is the 8th there :P but then again 2 disadvantages, NZ is only 3500km long and it's coming up to winter so some cachers are slowing down. But then being winter we could do with some extra "SunShine" :anicute:

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is there one more left for Canada?

Yes Please send a email to operationsunshine at gmail dot com with a mailing address , welcome to the mission .


With all these Canada travelers. Tomorrow morning the rest of the worlds evening, I will add a couple of coins to the race :P


Night all,



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Greetings to all. Everyone above this post. :P Please email me with your mailing address, at operationsunshine at gmail dot com


International participants will be ::




Team chelmo

cache agent



And ::


Team Falling Numerals




Team Professor X

Wij Drie


EDIT TO ADD:: Wij Drie sorry I missed your post.


Thank you all for excepting a traveler from me, Cheers, Glenn :rolleyes:

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Am I to late? Does South Africa qualify?

Yes late very sorry. I have designated many coins to this mission 50 to start . And actualy more then had planned . I have taken the Blazing Sun Micros from my collection to add the extra coins. Thanks for your offer, Glenn :anicute:


EDIT to add, Once Castleman is back from GW5, I'm sure I can replace collection coins :anicute:

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With the help of 46 people I was able to place a traveling Geocoins in all but 4 States.


Glenn :)

Whiat are the four states you are missing?




Greetings. The 4 states are listed here below, But the extra coins (plus) are heading overseas. Glenn


New Mexico




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