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Screen scratch removal?

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For anyone reading this who hasn't put something on their GPSr screen yet, the Invisible Shield works really well, and it has a lifetime warranty. These come in the exact size and shape for your GPSr or other electronic device.


Some friends also told me they use screen protectors made for Sony Playstations, cut down to the correct size, for their GPS units.


Maybe putting on a screen protector now would help the dull appearance. idea.gif

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Will a buffing wheel work? I haven't tried one on glass, but in metal shop in middle school, I used a buffing wheel to put a mirror shine on plastic and metal pieces. They go for less than $10, plus buffing compound; you just need to find someone with a grinder.



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The novus polish is a three part step do you use all three and go from rough to fine polish in the correct order? Also sometimes if the scatches are not real deep you can skip the roughest polish as it will dull. and try the finest two or three time's to polish it to a fine shine. or maybe even plastic safe carwax.

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Another choice is this stuff:


Bare Metal Plastic Polish


There are other similar polishes that can be found at just about any hobby shop.

They are designed for styrene plastic...A very soft plastic.

Also, modelers can be pretty picky about their clear plastic finishes.


OT, but I bet this stuff would work great on plastic automotive headlight lenses that get dull with age.

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Will a buffing wheel work?

Might there be a danger of the heat generated by the buffing wheel melting the plastic? Just wondering.

That's what the compound is for - duh :rolleyes: . I polished lots fo plastics in shop at middle school, the greatest challege was holding on to the item so the buffing wheel didn't grab it off your hands and toss it back! The grinders were placed along the wall for that reason, but when the teacher stepped out, we rotate the grinders and feed the grinders which would toss items 40-60 feet back :P .

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I tried many things to remove some nasty scratches from my 60csx screen....nothing seemed to work.I found on some other forum a fellow in NZ that had replacement screens for the 60 series (the post was over a year old)I contacted him and 6 days latter it arrived in the mail...took all of 10 minutes to install and required nothing but a pocket knife.Cost?....just under $20 CAN. The only draw back was the letters on the screen read GPS MAP60 (tho he has some 60C's...no others) He also had some empty cases (including screens) for various Garmin GPSrs for very resonable prices.

PM me for his email addy if interested


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I've got some Blue Magic plastic polish (I also used some mag wheel polish that had similar effects)that I got at one of the major auto stores. It took out some scratches in my instrument cluster on my dash. I also used it on a couple watches, my remote controls and it seemed to take out all the scratches with no dulling effect.


It does take time and patience to rub it in though.

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My 60 is in bad shape the screen had a couple of bad sdratches. So on the advice of garmin i tried some novus plastic polish it seemed to take the scratches out but now the screen is dull and very hard to see any ideas?


I used Barkeepers Friend, a few drops of water, and my thumb. Worked great. Now my thimb shines too.

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Plastic model kit builders swear that "Future" polish wax work wonders and creates a clear canopy on their models. I don't know the stuff but to them it is a miracle solution. Do a google search for the connection.


Try it first on a small area, please.

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