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Garmin GPS 60 for sale

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Hi all,


I just bought a Garmin GPS 60 for sale off of eBay. I got it and ended up not liking it very much. It's in nearly mint condition and includes the handy fast attach belt clip and a wrist strap. In fact, try as I might I can't see anything even slightly wrong with it physically. I used it on a few caches, so I can say it functions just fine from a technical perspective as well. I thought it would be better than my Magellan eXplorist 100, and indeed it has a nicer interface, more features like a USB port and just feels more rugged. However, in my opinion the Magellan is more accurate, and for other, less quantifiable reasons I just like it more.


That said, the Garmin isn't bad, so I thought I'd offer it here, perhaps for a new 'cacher that's looking for a reasonably inexpensive way to get started. I won it off of eBay just last week for $93 (auction #290115477705) and I'll offer it here to a needy person with shipping for $85 (shipped). (In the interest of full disclosure, you can find the Magellan I mention above for about $80 brand new.) I take paypal, including credit card transactions, and I'll also list it as an eBay auction specifically for you if you feel more comfortable going that route. My eBay feedback (since 1999) is 100% with 116 transactions.


I know I'm a crappy sales person, but hey, just want to be upfront with my fellow geocachers. :( If you're interested drop me a message here and we can figure out how to do this.




And in case you would like the insanely detailed photo, it's right here: http://nule.org/DSC_0106.JPG



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