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NEMA compatable software for WM5 GPS PDA

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So about a year or so ago, I purchased a Pharos GPS 525 as I was in the market for a PDA with GPS capabilities. I previously was using a Garmin Legend to do all my Geochaching with. With the upgrade, I attempted to use the Pharos Ostia 7.5 software that came with the PDA, and found that it was rather crummy for pretty much anything. I was very disappointed.


Anyhow, I started to look around for alternate software to use for GPS and Geochaching and found little out there that I liked. I was very used to and impressed by the Garmin platform, but sadly, there is no Mapsource software available for a NEMA receiver, only the Garmin receiver.


What I am looking for is a Garmin-esque software platform that can function as a trip planner and waypoint manager on a PC as well as on the GPS reciever as well. I know MS S&T has some features available on it, but I was not too impressed on its functionality and transfer abilities. I know that I can get the Garmin software with a Bluetooth adapter for my GPS, but that pretty much wastes the whole concept of the device with the receiver built in.


Is there a decent set of software out there that has the ability to function on a PC as well as on a PDA that can transfer map and waypoint information between the two, as well as have reasonablly accurate route planning and Geochacing compability? If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it.




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