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Profile Info and Accessability


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I noticed today when browsing the site while not logged on you can access profile pages. Used to you would need to be logged into the website before accessing someones profile info.


I would rather have it behind a log in screen, so that people browsing Google or whatever cannot just look at what I have there at will. I know everything you post online is open to the world, but I see no harm in making it a little less convenient to access. My profile is like my cache coordinates, I would like someone to be logged in before they can see them. Non Geocachers have no business with that info.


I am very happy with the recent site changes, but I would greatly appreciate the above mentioned feature reinstated.

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Oops! Glad to see it has been reported, I would have used that thread, but maybe this will draw a little attention to the matter.


I think it has been that way on Waymarking a while, which I was not fond of since you cannot change your profile independently of Geocaching. Since they were saying it was under progress I thought I would wait and see if it was changed. I didn't expect it to go to full access though.


Edit to add:


I just checked Waymarking.com, and you now have to be logged in to view a profile there. :D

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