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Is it really worth the extra money?

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I was thinking of getting a GPS but as I looked at the different models there didn't seem to be a huge difference. The main thing I saw was the chipset in for example the 60csx which also cost like $150 more than the units in the eTrex series. Is this better chipset really worth the extra cash??


Planned use would be for geocaching, hiking, and hopefully soon long range backpacking and camping.




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To give you an idea of the difference the SIRF chip makes...


I sat in the middle of our high school auditorium (no windows to be found... in the middle of the school), and I was getting a signal of +-20 feet.


The difference is simply remarkable. I bought this unit because I was tired of losing a signal under tree cover. So far, the only time I've seen "Lost GPS Signal" has been in a tunnel.

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We have both the 60CSx and the 76CSx. The mapping features are clear and easy to use. We love them. Garmin has several programs to interface with these units, and has an online feature called motionbased.com: "Using data collected from GPS devices, MotionBased empowers its customers with online data and mapping analysis, unattainable with the current set of products available to endurance athletes. While GPS technology has been available for many years to outdoor enthusiasts, few applications exist on the market where GPS data is effectively harnessed and analyzed for fitness and training." -from motionbased.com

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For caching, I don't think it's worth it.


I had the funds to purchase one, but having cached with friends that have 'em, I was not impressed and purchased a Venture Cx instead for almost half the price. I agree it gets better reception, but I did not find it improves my caching eperience to justify the $$.

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